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Guest Posts

Content Creators

Write for us.

What is our criteria?

Experienced bloggers, writers, content contributors, guest posts and guest posting services. 

Proof of experience is show your prior work.

New Blogger or writer, don't worry.  Everyone has to start somewhere. We will consider your work and or your blog.

We do not charge any content creator for postings that we publish.  

Content we look for.

Only original articles that have not been posted elsewhere.  Pictures must be free of any copyrights, or royalties.  If you purchased your pictures, we may want to see proof of purchase. 

You certify that the pictures are free to use with out any infringements. 

 Pixabay, Burst by Shopify and Pexels are  a few great free sources for pictures.  

Once you are approved, we will provide article topics and you can ask us any questions.  Support is always available. 


Contributor Guidelines

Content Quality.

The content of the guest posting must be 100% unique and original.  The content posted on Breaie by you has never been posted on any social media sites, never posted to any other content contribution sites, or your own blog site. The content submitted has never been published anywhere else prior to submitting to Breaie.  We will do our utmost best to check that your blog we accept are all 100% original content.  All content be original and not plagiarized.  

Use SEO best practices in your articles.

We will not take any responsibility for any copyright infringement, plagiarism, or any possible ownership infringements of the content contributor. 

If we receive any notifications or claims, we may take your content down until everything can be sorted out. If we receive official legal notice, your content will be taken down.  

We reserve the right to ask you to edit your post, we edit your post, or decline your post. 

Content Quantity

As a content creator contributor that is a guest post provider, you can provide one post to as many as you like. 

Word Count

Minimum of 400 words.  No maximum word limit. 

Citing Sources

If you quote a source, conduct research, reviews, or a study, always include links to the source of information you used. Ensure your cited sources are reliable and trustworthy.  The link to the source should be embedded at a minimum at the end of your article under cited sources or references so that anyone can click on the link and see the article. Minimum of three (3) cited sources.  Do not link out to cited sources that are not backed up with verifiable data that is credible, and reliable. 

Plagiarism won't be tolerated.

Content Not Allowed

Anything that is political in nature. NO content or material that contains porn, child abuse, drugs, illegal drugs, any illegal activity,  discrimination of any kind, advocating violence, hate speech, gambling, porno, pharmaceuticals, or sexism. This is not a complete list, but I think you get the message we are trying to convey here.

Affiliate Marketing

Do not post content just to drive traffic to an external link, product, or service.  Provide real value in your article. When people read quality content, they will jump out to your site and or your profile on Breaie to learn more about you.

You must disclose your affiliate links.  

You must disclose in your article your affiliate links and that you received payment, goods, or services  for a post somewhere in your article submission.  Affiliate links such as a link out to Amazon affiliate program or Walmart affiliate, and many other companies that offer an affiliate program  with your affiliate code, or any other link out where you may receive a commission or other value is allowed. Just remember to follow your chosen affiliate offer program's rules as well as disclose your affiliate links in your blog article here. 


You can disclose in your article " some external links in this post are affiliate links".


You  can be specific which links are affiliate links "the link above or this link below is an affiliate link".


What is in it for you?  

At this time, we do not offer any compensation for any article submitted and published. We do not charge for guest posts.  

You get full credit for your article with links going back to your website or blog.  Include in your article your bio information as well.   Your author biography  helps you build your portfolio, exposure to a wider base, can allow you to network, and create potential partnerships and opportunities.  

 You get one to include one linkback  to your blog and or website.  There is a follow.  The article once approved and published is permanent.  The content is your content and should you decide you want your content removed, just ask us and we will take down your content. 

You will get a lot of exposure as a blogger or author here.

Social Media Shares

The blogs that we think are of great value to our readers will receive extra publicity through our social media channels.

For guest bloggers that want a free premium plan membership.

You need to submit at least 4 good guest posts that we publish.  We will give you the premium plan membership a $99.99 annual fee for free as long as you are active on the site and in business.  Active means a minimum of 2 blog articles submitted per year.  You can post more blog content or other content if you choose inside your dashboard.  

With your premium membership, you have a lot of options for promotions of your products or services, list your gig services, or post a position, videos, pictures of your  Ecommerce products, discussions are open, and more. 

We do not take any fees from your listings.  Traffic goes to your site for purchase.

Any updates, upgrades, perks, coupons, special offers, incentives, etc., you will be the first to know. 

Your membership will be your profile here, you can still include your bio inside the article should you want to do so. 

You just publish inside your dashboard your content.  No need to submit for approval to us.  

Come grow with us.  

To apply for guest posts on Breaie.

Go to this link to reach out to us.


Include your full name, email, phone number.  In the message area type guest post.  Include what subjects you are interested in writing about.

Include one or more of the examples below in your message.


Links to your website

Links to your published works

Published authors

E books

Content submitted to other sites with links

To your success.