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Posted 12/26/2021 in Category 1 by Breaie.com

Warren Buffet Tells Inspirational Stories Of Successful People

Most of us here on Breaie are entrepreneurs and business owners that are working hard daily to make a better life for ourselves and build profitable businesses.  I listened to this video today and I was so moved by Warren Buffet's messages in this video that I had to share this with you because I feel that you too will get positive messages, inspiration, and that extra boost you need to keep going.  

His messages are many in this video that are valuable.  

He shared very inspirational stories of businesses and how they started and grew over the years into multimillion dollar businesses.  My main takeaways from his speech was have integrity and have self knowing that you will make it no matter what the odds are.  

He mentioned that these business owners did not worry about what the Federal Reserve is doing with the interest rates, stock market going up or falling down, the economy, or world wars that was happening all around them. One of the business owners a female Russian immigrant had no form of education so she could not read or write. She could not speak English. They focused on their ideas and dreams with laser precision.  Imagine trying to overcome her obstacles in a strange country.  

Phenomenal speech with a multitude of advice for us that is not only priceless, but timeless as well.

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