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Posted 09/02/2021 in Category 1 by Breaico, LLC

USD And Warren Buffett

As business owners and people we need to be aware of our economies of our countries to prepare to steer through rough times and remain successful.  To accomplish that, one needs to read and educate yourself on the economic conditions not only at home, but in other countries as well.  In some cases there can be a domino effect. 

I'm sharing a video that I think people need to watch and does not take too much time around 9 minutes, but offers a perspective that is valid for our current circumstances. 

Warren Buffett discusses the economy and watch until the end of the video to hear some dire warnings.  The video is not fear porn and does contain many positives, but there is a negative that has to be a scary topic to face head on.

Some additional links below  for more information on this subject and our economy. 

All of this quantitative easing is devaluing the dollar.  Bad sign for the USA economy.  Other countries know this and are backing away from the petrodollar. I'll leave the 2 links below for you to read and educate yourself on what is possibly coming.   

There are other ways to safe guard your money such as crypto, metals, foreign currencies.  These are options that each person needs to make decisions based on their personal circumstances.  Research and educate yourself. 



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