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Posted 07/23/2021 in Category 1 by Look Leasebuy

USA Wants To Stomp Out Risky Entrepreneurs

They use the same mantra for decades now.  We are only taxing the rich, wealthy, and entrepreneurial types that took risks. Go read back in history and educate yourself on this subject.  What starts out hitting the rich in their bank accounts always trickles down to everyone else's bank accounts eventually.  

When business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs are viewed with disdain and hate for working hard and taking huge risks, those people with talents will either stop taking risks for a lack of incentive to do so, or go where they are treated much better and welcomed.  There are many other places that hold these people in high regards for their job creation ability as well solutions to problems.  

Also stop and think about all of the taxes you are paying currently. 

Here is a link on a brief history of taxes and how it started, but there is much more to read and become aware of what is really going on here.  


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