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Posted 04/22/2022 in Category 1 by Breaie

Charlie Munger Talks Inflation And Cash Stack

Charlie Munger is a sixty year business partner of Warren Buffett.  My understanding is they formed their company Berkshire Hathaway together.  He has years of life and investing experience to share for people who will listen.  

In this video, Mr. Charlie warns of the dangers of inflation and money printing.  He also gives many examples of nations throughout history that were severely affected by these foolish monetary policies.  

To further explain the dire times we are in, he touches on why their company is holding cash.  They are cash heavy because they can not find any stocks that fit their criteria for investment right now.  

These are my opinions and not of Mr. Charlie. 

The inflation will not be slowed or stopped by interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve. We were in strange times prior to the inflation which was created by shortages from the pandemic and supply chain issues. Raising interest rates and printing money which in turn devalues our USD even more is the root cause of our current inflation and economic issues.  

Increasing the interest rates will only create higher cost of all goods and services across the board. Unfortunately, my prediction is we will blow past stagflation and sink into a depression. I hate to be so negative, but the indicators are all pointing in that direction.  I truly hope I am wrong. 

Here is an article that I wrote a few months ago that I think you will find an interesting read. Everything I blogged about is occurring.


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