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List your business, post jobs, gig work you do, real estate, blogs, Ecom biz list your products, and more. We help businesses grow and be seen. For more exposure, get social in the discussions area. Get in front of consumers searching for businesses that offer products and services they need and want. No business? Just sign up as a member to be a part of our site. For members that signed up for free up to 9.7,22, your profiles will stay as free plan. If receive an invoice, reach out, we will correct it.

Breaie.com Review

Submitted by 360 Towing Solutions Dallas on 06/03/2021

Breaie has great tech support for the members

Overall Rating

I was a little confused on how to use my general user plan.  I got in touch and they helped me get my profile setup.  Very patient. Thank you

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This site is amazing and the owner is such a great lady who really cares about our businesses. So easy to use and exceptional service. I highly recommend every business to sign-up to Breaie. Jill Reynolds

Submitted by Brave Heart Workshops on 08/21/2022

The best place to promote business...

I'm very glad to be a part of breaie.com.. it's services are good ..helped me grow in my business..and it helped to generate good work and also connect people ....I recommend this website ...

Submitted by Ask Your Future on 08/17/2021

Thank you for this platform.

A great platform for business owners to help them grow.  Many tools available if you use them. 

Submitted by Look Leasebuy on 07/23/2021

Great Platform for businesses

A lot of options to grow your business for a small price.  You are correct.  Utilize all platforms available. Thank you.

Submitted by Look Leasebuy on 07/15/2021

Very Helpful!

Breaie has been such an amazing platform already and I know this is just the beginning! Breaie creates a community of small businesses that allows you to share and make connections you wouldn't have made otherwise. I love the platform and can't wait to see how it grows. Brenda is brilliant! You can see all of the hard work and dedication that goes into the site. I plan on remaining a customer and using all of the added perks! 

Submitted by Redde Payments on 02/25/2021


Excellent platform to get your business up and going and to broadcast your business page! The owner of this site is extraordinary help with any and all questions!!

Submitted by Creaciones Mbm on 02/25/2021

The Place Where You Need to Be To Get Listed

This is the place to be if you need to get listed. The platform is a fabulous tool to get yourself noticed and get listed. Also, I love how you can put videos on the platform. It is user friendly, professional, and amazing communication. I highly recommend Breaie to get your business listed.

Submitted by Melissa Herb on 08/20/2020