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    Posted 12/04/2022 by Breaie
    Twitter Files: What Would Mulder and Scully Do?

    The release of part one of the Twitter files opens up a lot of questions surrounding the released information.  The... View More

    Posted 11/05/2022 by Breaie
    The Musk Effect

    The ongoing news and live coverage of the Elon Musk and Twitter saga rages on. Mr. Musk is now the owner of... View More

    Posted 09/23/2022 by Breaie
    Antibiotic Miracles And Downsides

    Most people have had to take doctor prescribed antibiotics at some point in their lives for an infection.  ... View More

    Posted 08/05/2022 by Breaie
    Go Travel

    Don't work so much that you forget to travel.   Enjoy life and go take that trip.  Go expand your experiences... View More

    Posted 07/18/2022 by Breaie
    Breakfast At Starwood Cafe McKinney TX

    I had a great breakfast with my dear friend and her Father who was visiting in town from AZ.  He treated us to... View More

    Posted 07/09/2022 by Breaie
    Are Reviews Necessary?

    Why your business needs reviews? Your business needs reviews on multiple platforms from different customers to... View More

    Posted 06/20/2022 by Breaie
    What Category Is Your Business In?

    Which category is the best fit for your business?      Every business is someone's dream... View More

    Posted 05/28/2022 by Breaie
    Rainbows Are A Beauty Of Nature

    Many of us have seen rainbows in the sky many times.  Have you considered what a rainbow means and how the... View More

    Posted 06/02/2022 by Breaie
    Why I Promote A2 Hosting

    Searching for the right hosting provider? Are you are considering the option of it is time to switch webhosting... View More

    Posted 05/03/2022 by Breaie
    How To Create A Credible Business Profile

    I see a lot of business signups on Breaie.com. I've seen great well crafted professional business profile listings... View More

    Posted 04/26/2022 by Breaie
    The Great Resignation Is Not What You Are Being Told

    The so called great resignation is more than what is being reported in the news.  Corporate America is... View More

    Posted 04/15/2022 by Breaie
    Bucee's Where's The Pickled Watermelon Rinds?

    For those who don't know about  Bucee's , they are the largest convenience store in Texas.  Huge... View More

    Posted 05/12/2022 by Breaie
    What Makes Humans Happy?

    How many of us are happy working the grind?  Seriously? Are you treated as a human that has a life outside... View More

    Posted 04/01/2022 by Breaie
    Life Is All About Relationships

    We have heard so much about work life balance.   People on the corporate ladder and entrepreneurs thrive... View More

    Posted 03/27/2022 by Breaie
    Can Your Subconscious Mind Affect Your Life?

    Breaie.com  contains affiliate links that benefit Breaie. ( Disclosure )   Written by Brenda We are... View More

    Posted 03/23/2022 by Breaie
    Review Of SurfShark VPN

    Breaie.com  contains affiliate links that if you click on a link and make a purchase we maybe compensated... View More

    Posted 02/24/2022 by Breaie
    Add New Social Media Icons

    We are excited to announce that we have added additional social media icons in the premium membership plan.  You... View More

    Posted 02/12/2022 by Breaie
    Cookie Decorating Class

    Update: 9:5.22   As of August 31st 2022 The Rebel Roots Boutique has closed their brick and mortar store.  We... View More

    Posted 02/03/2022 by Breaie
    Inflation And The Fed

    "When inflation is too high, the Federal Reserve typically raises the interest rates to slow the economy and... View More

    Posted 01/23/2022 by Breaie
    Want Or Need To Shop For A Car?

    Even though there are less people on the roads these days because most folks are working from home or joined the I... View More

    Breaie Discussion

    Value Your Time

    For those that need to hear and read this.   Time is not something you can get back.  Treat your time... View More

    Gratitude Advice From Oprah

    No need for me to say anymore here.  I think this statement says it all. ... View More

    Anyone concerned About Inflation?

    Have you prepared yourself and your business for inflation?   ... View More

    Purchase From Local Businesses

    Find the local stores in your area and see what you could purchase.  Help your local small businesses in your... View More

    Breaie Job Listings

    Posted 05/11/2022 by Breaie
    Freelancers Seeking Gigs Post Here
    Freelancers Seeking Gigs Post Here

    Job postings and Freelancers seeking gigs are available to the Starter and Premium plan members only.  We do... View More

    Breaie Photo Gallery

    Posted 01/19/2022 by Breaie
    Value Of Persistence

    Always be consistent and persistent to become successful.  ... View More

    Posted 01/03/2022 by Breaie
    2022 Success Secret

    Credit to Mr. Tony Hubbard from Houston TX for this motivational message for the start of the new business year. ... View More

    Posted 12/31/2021 by Breaie
    New Year Blessings

    Be blessed in all ways. ... View More

    Posted 10/09/2021 by Breaie
    Innovative Marketing Ideas.

    This company is killing it with one stone.  They selling their food which is meats.  They are seeking workers... View More

    Posted 09/23/2021 by Breaie

    Breaie Website - Digital Products

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    digital products for sale testing testing ... View More

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    text down load test ... View More

    Breaie Videos

    Posted 07/23/2022 by Breaie
    7 Skills Everyone Neeeds
    7 Skills Everyone Neeeds

    In this video, Dan Lok goes over 7 skills that will make you rich.  Short, informative, and to the point.  Once... Read More

    Posted 04/22/2022 by Breaie
    Charlie Munger Talks Inflation And Cash Stack
    Charlie Munger Talks Inflation And Cash Stack

    Charlie Munger is a sixty year business partner of Warren Buffett.  My understanding is they formed their company... Read More