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Guidance On Leaving Reviews

Helpful Suggestions

Breaie welcomes your reviews of the businesses listed here. 

We want everyone to have the ability to share their experiences with the business members listed here. 

You  are providing valuable feedback to the businesses listed on Breaie to help these businesses improve, grow, and reach their full potential. At the same time, your feedback will be a resource for others conducting research online for businesses that maybe researching reviews before making a decision to utilize these businesses products or services.  

Breaie asks that you respect and follow our guidelines for leaving a review and review our TOS.

When should you write and post a review?

If you had a recent real experience and interaction with a business listed on Breaie with in the last twelve (12) months, post a review.  

Don't write a fake or biased review.  Don't create a phony experience to post or write a review for someone else.

Be nice and professional.

Be professional and respectful in your review contribution to Breaie business members. Don't write anything harmful, hateful, discriminatory, obscene, defamatory, make threats, bully, harass, or anything illegal.  

Provide accurate truthful information in your review. 

Remember whatever you post on the internet will remain forever.  

We can put your review on hold and your review won't display on our site, but your review will have already gone throughout the internet.  Before you hit the enter button to submit your review, know that you can edit the review or delete your review at anytime.

We will not delete any reviews, but may place the review on hold.  Once the review is on hold, you can not edit or delete the review.

Keep Your Documentation

Keep your documentation that shows you had a business interaction with any of the business members on Breaie.  Some examples: receipts, pictures, videos, order confirmation, screen shots of chat bots that provide customer service, emails, proof of payment.

Keep Information Private

The review you leave is public.  Don't include any of your personal information and don't include someone else's personal information either in the review. Business name is ok because that is public information.  Please respect the privacy, safety of yourself and others. Don't disclose names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, or any other information that could be used to track, identify, or impersonate another person.  

Must Create An Account To Leave A Review.

For anyone to leave a review on Breaie, you must sign up for an account or be a current member. There is a general user account for individuals  which is free to join.  For business owners there are some options. Basic free plan, and paid membership plans. Everyone can gain access to the site regardless of their chosen plan. 

Your account on Breaie should be real.  Your username, profile description, and your profile picture must match your business or who you are as a person.  Your email address must be connected to a valid permanent email address should we need to reach out to you. If you are a business, a valid business phone number.

Compensation Disclosure

You have no material connection.  Meaning, you have not received in anyway any type of compensation for writing and posting a review for a company listed on Breaie.com

Anyone Can Flag  Reviews

We appreciate anyone that notices a problem review.  If you have proof, even better for everyone involved. 

Here are three options to get in touch with us. 

Members can reach out to us in your dashboard send us a chat message, or go to Breaie profile page and send us a message there.  Members and  nonmembers can use the contact us page to get in touch with us.

These Are Helpful Suggestions

We can update or delete these suggestions at anytime.