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Brave Heart Workshops

Event Services
Branson West, Missouri, 65737

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Brave Heart Workshops
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    Branson West, Missouri, 65737
    United States

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    Meeting and Event Planning and Podcast Show Host
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    About Brave Heart Workshops

    Find Hope. Health. Healing. Connect with God, Self, and others.

    Brave Heart Workshops Events, Retreats, Workshops, and Getaway Experiences are created for transformation and change to enhance connection with God, self, and others.  We live in a world filled with so much busyness that it instills loneliness and little time or space for ourselves to explore a connection with self and others. Brave Heart Workshops events focus on empowering individuals in Hope. Health. & Healing. Through connection with God, self, and others in life, being more vulnerable to  share in story, and an amazing transformation will arise. Attendees will be Restored. Renewed and Reconnected.

     Live well. Laugh Often. and Love Much and your life will be amazing.
    De-stress your mind and body through life-changing events, retreats, workshops, and getaway experiences. . What’s on your Bucket List? Offering online, and global events, retreats, workshops, and experiences to meet your needs with a variety of topics on Connection, Couples, Intimacy, Marriage, Women’s, Men’s, Co-Ed, 12-Step, Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, Meditation, Mindfulness, Spirituality, Drama Therapy, and Creativity Retreats. Rejuvenate your mind and body. Become centered to promote peace from within and a return to your well-being. Quiet your mind, escape everyday craziness and lean into different experiences. The relationships built between attendees. their peers, and the leaders, is an essential aspect of the event experience. Exploring your feelings about “self” and your mind & bodies at each event is life-changing.
    The Brave Heart Workshop leaders have a passion for holistic health and wellness and desire to share their passions for adventure, nature, and self-care practices with those attending these life-changing events. Brave Heart Workshops selects leaders that are trained and experienced in various areas of expertise.

    Jill Reynolds

    EVENT PLANNER, #1 International Best-selling AUTHOR, SPEAKER, PODCAST SHOW HOST, ZOOM CONNECTION GROUP LEADER, Wellness partner, and transformational coach 

    Jill Reynolds founded Brave Heart Workshops in 2017. She is a Certified Meeting and Event Planner with 37 years of networking and consultative expertise in media, logistics, technology, and hospitality. Using her background in Meeting and Event Planning, Jill creates amazing conferences weaving authentic up-close stories that connect Hope. Health. and Healing. Jill is known for her Podcast, “The Connection Show” where she helps leaders connect their life stories with who they are today. She is a #1 International Best-Selling Author in a collaborative book, “Fiercely Faithful” where she shares her story called “The Essence of Humility.” Jill shows an audience how to reconnect with what matters most in life so they can be set free from shame, embarrassment, and humiliation. At 28, Jill’s life was a train wreck. Addicted to Crack Cocaine, Alcohol, and down to 97 pounds, she lost her job in San Diego and moved back to Chicago after she had an encounter with God. She knew her life was hopeless; her health was a disaster, and she had no idea what to do next. Everything felt impossible. But she showed up week after week at church and prayed to God to help her and to give her the resiliency to recover.  Jill believed that doing the hard work of digging into her story and connecting the dots of her traumatic childhood would bring her the Hope. Health and Healing she desired. The work and resiliency paid off. Today she is passionate about spreading Hope. Health. and Healing to everyone she meets. Never give up. Connect the dots in your stories and they will set you free. Jill is thrilled to be working with leaders and in leading attendee’s in Hope, Health, and Healing as she is also a Wellness Partner with Amare Global, The Mental Wellness Company.  Jill’s been fully recovered from substance abuse since 1984, Codependency since 1992, and Eating Disorders since 2015. Over the years, she has helped over 50 women in recovery.  Jill loves doing/teaching Water Aerobics and Improv.  Despite her own family of origin traumas, she intentionally lives a life of serving others, and helping them seek meaning, and healing in their lives. She was a single-never married mom and raised her son alone for 17 years. She has been married to Larry since May 2000. Jill’s personal intention is to bring unique events to people globally so they can Be Brave, Be Authentic, Courageous, and Strong.

    Hope. Health. Healing.
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