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Frequently asked questions on how to use your dashboard inside Breaie.com to promote your business.

Please click the informational links that relate to your questions.    

If you don't see your question listed or you have an issue, please reach out to us via email or if you are already a member you can reach out to us via your dashboard to send us a message. I can be reached on our company Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/breaie/    

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Membership Plan Change

Member signups under old basic free plan will still be honored as free as long as you are active on the site and still in business. This promise still applies for members who were early adopters and signed up for free and hold premium plans which are now called the Business Growing Bigger plan. If you hold one of these memberships above, should the system bill you, please reach out so we can make corrections.  

If we catch the snafu, we will reach out after correcting the issue and let you know of the fix. 

Profile Creation

Recent changes to our profile policy creation has created some confusion.  Here are some helpful information for you.

Here is an article with helpful information:

How To Create A Credible Business Profile

Here is an explainer video for you to use as a guide for creating a complete live profile on Breaie.

How To Create A Credible Business Profile

Unsure of which category to choose for your business listing?

What category Is Your Business In?

Can I change my business category?  Yes.  Read the middle of this article.


How to set up my company page under the free plan? Sign up under free plan: 


Instructions on how to set up your dashboard as a premium member.

A helpful video on how to add videos in your dashboard under the video tab.

How To Add Products That You Sell In Your Dashboard.

How To Share Videos From Other Platforms On Breaie.com

Chat Feature How Explanation For Members  

How To Get Into The Discussions

Do we make updates to your business profile on your behalf?  

No we do not.  Your business profile and all of the information related to your business, social media, and any other data you share are your responsibility to update as needed.

Blogging Tips On Breaie

On the paid plans, a member can contribute blog articles to your member profile which showcases your work to people who are searching online to be able to learn about your business and your content.  Always add a link to your website inside your blog articles. Have a bio for the author for good blogging practices.  

A bio should be a brief introduction of yourself and your business with a link to your site.  Offers can be included as well as affiliate links within your article. Make sure to disclose that your article contains affiliate links.  

Affiliate Links in Blogs, Product Reviews

We accept that members have multiple sources of income online and understand that everyone needs to generate cash.  Affiliate links in your blog articles, pictures, or videos contributed here on Breaie are acceptable as long as you follow the FTC guides for full disclosure regardless of your country of origin.  Each blog article should contain the disclosure of your affiliate links.

Product reviews same rules apply here as well full disclosure per the FTC. 

Any other method of generating income thru marketing methods involving other companies products should also contain the same FTC disclosures.

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