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Talygen Review

Submitted by Pacekah on 11/18/2021

Thanks To The Talygen Team!!

Overall Rating

At Talygen, ended our search for time tracking software. From automated timesheets to manual time tracking, Talygen has given us it all. Couldn’t have asked for more!

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Remote Employee Monitoring Tools

The first thing I look at in a remote team monitoring solution is the dashboard and Talygen, and it has the most comprehensive dashboard I’ve ever seen. Also, storing, sharing, and managing file resources are organized and secured the way they should be done for a business. With the implementation of Talygen’s remote employee monitoring tools, the project managers have become more organized and employees more productive. It’s a must-have business tool!

Submitted by Rojona on 08/03/2022

Best Team Management Software-Talygen

Project management is one of the things we love about Talygen, as it provides so many ways to supervise a project efficiently. Our organization is distributed into multiple departments, each with its team. Thus asset management, remote team monitoring solution, and time tracking are also a great help for us. For a growing business, Talygen is no less than a blessing.

Submitted by Wacot Smith on 07/07/2022

Best Cloud-based And Automatic Approval System

 The cloud-based and automatic approval system by Talygen is a great choice I made for my business. It helped me choose multiple approvers to automate expenses, time entries, projects, and more. Also, it features hiring approval chains and reports evaluations. I recommend getting this software and enhancing approval & business auditing.   

Submitted by Logahok on 12/24/2021

Best Business Expense Tracker

Talygen’s business expense tracker is very easy to use. All big or small businesses can make use of it for their daily accounts and expense logging. Recommending without any doubt.

Submitted by Nixila on 12/16/2021

Better Project Management Software

Talygen integrates various project management features in a single interface. We needed a project management tool that provided us with features related to every aspect of project management. For instance, we had a requirement to track working hours, manage tasks and time, manage issues, track projects version control and have them all in one place. We had used MS Excel for managing tasks and hours but with Talygen we integrated it with the rest of our project management needs to get an all under one roof solution without any trouble.

Submitted by David M. Peel on 12/02/2021

Great Tool For CRM!

I have been using Talygen’s CRM successfully for many years now. It provided me with the right tools to build my customer and business relationships. Also, it helped increase sales, improve client service and drive profitability. Great tool for fellows!

Submitted by Kyle Walker on 11/25/2021

Best Employee Management Solution

The app provides a fantastic employee management solution for a medium-sized business. I don't need to read a manual or have the training to understand how this works. Easy and dependable app for beginners like me. Highly recommended!

Submitted by Rabia Nasri on 11/11/2021

I Recommend To All!!

Counting on Talygen’s CRM was the best decision I made. This all-in-one software has streamlined account management, my business sales cycle, and improved my lead conversion. I recommend all to get this flexible and automated CRM solution!

Submitted by Tommy Holland on 10/28/2021

Talygen Is Just Perfect For Us!!

Talygen’s suite of project management apps has helped us in streamlining our workflow and has also allowed our team to stay connected remotely. We started with 9 users and now have close to 50 connected in and outside of the office. Talygen is just perfect for us.

Submitted by Cilal on 10/21/2021

Best Remote Work Experience With Talygen!!

Talygen is an advanced & user-friendly remote employee monitoring software having all the required tools to well-maintain a remote business. Talygen makes my remote work experience amazing with its high-tech features.

Submitted by Womibis493 on 10/14/2021

Highly Recommended! Talygen Software

Talygen, the best remote employee monitoring software, holds a special space in my business history. It assisted us when I was facing troubles in managing my remote workers & unable to find any mode to keep them monitored & organized everything. This is where Talygen had offered me its time-tracking functionality to capture every minute activity of the workforce. Not only Time-tracking, but it also helps me in managing my multiple projects, smoothly handling billings & invoices, and a lot more. It is worthwhile software, especially for remote businesses. Highly Recommended!

Submitted by Yapot on 10/08/2021

Great Software!

It does everything I want it to do and the price is right. I've used it to monitor employees' activities from their desktops and laptops. It does a great job.

Submitted by Pekohi on 09/30/2021

Highly Recommended Remote Work Solution!

Talygen is a top leading remote staff monitoring software. It is one of the best investments in my business. If you are moving business to remote working & want to enjoy it with the best outcomes, must consider Talygen.

Submitted by Pagey on 09/23/2021

User-friendly Remote Employee Monitoring Software

I am running a business with a 100+ workforce, and during the sudden remote transition, it becomes difficult for me to manage business operations & smooth engagement with my remote employees. At that time, investing in Talygen proved to be my best decision.

Submitted by Mevaxog on 09/17/2021

Awesome Software For Remote Employee Monitoring!!

 Since the day COVID-19 hit my business, I started operating from home to save my expenses.  However, this raised the concerns of monitoring the remote team’s productivity.   But, then I learned about Talygen from my friend and found it is a comprehensive tool for tracking remote employee’s performance and boosting their engagement. The online and offline tracking, monitoring daily logs, capturing screen activities, accessing distractions, and more are offered by Talygen.  Further, communication barriers are effectively managed by enabling teams to stay connected with no time and location differences issues.  Must get this software for your business.

Submitted by Divotax on 09/09/2021

The Best Remote Employee Monitoring Software!!

Talygen is a must-have & the best remote employee monitoring software of 2021. During the lockdown scenario, I purchased Talygen & now it becomes my lifelong growth partner. It helps me to manage my 100+ workforce without any work clashes or unproductivity issues. Rather, my business productivity & revenue graph shifts upwards as it entered my remote work culture. I recommend it to every business shifting on remote work-culture.

Submitted by Noyit on 09/02/2021

Best Remote Employee Monitoring Software!!

Talygen is a great tool to envision your company's productivity. During the initial hit of Covid-19, I started using Talygen & now I am planning to opt for this software to streamline my continual business operations. It is an all-in-one remote employee monitoring software that manages my 100+ employees in day-to-day business operations. I would recommend it to all the business operations processing remotely & want to surge their business productivity.

Submitted by Jacoxal on 08/26/2021

Best Remote Team Monitoring Software!!

It was all because of Talygen, that today my remote teams are productive and dedicatedly delivering quality projects. The remote team monitoring software by Talygen helped me monitor my remote staff’s activities, task status, and a lot more without making any harm to their privacy. Talygen enforces security, manages schedules, controls remote desktops, and creates accurate client bills. I request all business owners and freelancers to try Talygen once. 

Submitted by Hogowi on 08/18/2021

Highly Recommended Software !!

Talygen is a highly recommended software for remote team monitoring. Excellent organization of remote work. It has an extensive set of features like automatic time tracking, performance review, employee management, advanced reporting, etc.  The work hours are automatically tracked and this is what I liked the most. This is the best web application ever I’ve used. It offers a SaaS cloud app suite that is easy to tailor to suit business needs.  The software shapes the future of remote work.  Also, it’s easy to download and get started!  

Submitted by Gifasol on 08/12/2021

Must-Try For Your Business!!

Talygen prepared my business for the new future of work. Yes, with Talygen’s automated work from home monitoring solution, my business found the best and the fastest solution to keep employees productive at par. It tracks performance, maintains privacy, monitors misuse, and generates real-time data reports for a clear view.

Submitted by Wosihaj on 08/05/2021

Best Employee Time Tracking Software!!

Time tracking was never really a part of our team till Talygen came in. With automated features and tools, such as Timesheets, invoice creation, and scheduling, Talygen’s remote employee monitoring software is a complete solution for sure.

Submitted by Vema Jos on 07/29/2021

Best Employee Time Tracking Tool!!

Talygen seamlessly tracks distributed teams with automated time and performance tracking functionality. It gave my business managers the power to get insights into URL and app usage by remote employees. Offline tracking, stealth mode screen capturing, detailed performance stats, effortless scheduling, and more in-built capabilities in Talygen.  Before you get started, you can try a free trial or demo available online.

Submitted by Joyo Taw on 07/22/2021

Talygen-Best Automated Remote Monitoring Software!!

Talygen, a cloud-based employee productivity tracking application is the best choice for any sized business. I run a medium-sized enterprise with 50+ employees, but due to COVID-19, it was challenging for me to track remote performances. Therefore, to keep the productivity up, I downloaded Talygen for my business.  Successful remote working is all that Talygen is designed to deliver.  It features different integrations that enable effective business management with a single solution.   I recommend my friends put Talygen in place and feel the difference.

Submitted by Yefala Ahamad on 07/15/2021

Best Remote Monitoring Software

I started using Talygen for monitoring my remote teams.   It undeniably the best choice I made for my business.  It’s a feature-rich time tracker that helps in the time and attendance management of remote employees. It made it completely easy for me to track how my team is getting on with their work at remote locations. Suitable for both cloud and on-premises.  Easy to use on the web, desktop, and mobile.  Highly recommended!

Submitted by Fohas on 07/05/2021

Highly recommended!

Transforming employee’s productivity for growth was never easier before.   The employee performance evaluation at a remote location was easy to access with Talygen. It is the remote team management and performance tracking tool that ensures quick, safe, and best management of remote staff. It is a must-have software for businesses of all sizes.  What’s more? The offline tracking of employees without an internet connection makes keeping an eye on staff easy.  I felt the need to get all-in-one team monitoring software and I found Talygen the most reliable choice.

Submitted by Bamov on 06/29/2021

Best Remote Employee Monitoring Software!!

During a pandemic, I struggled a lot to run my business remotely. The teams were working remotely; the only limitation was not having any software to track productivity. Then I found Talygen and till now, I haven’t faced any challenge. It’s the best remote team monitoring tool for deep productivity monitoring. I was surprised to know that it integrates an automatic screenshot tracker that captures the desktop activities. Above all, Talygen in my view is a great employee engagement tool that boosts morale and helps remote teams to perform beyond expectations.

Submitted by Bomamir on 06/22/2021

Great App For Remote Team Monitoring!!

Great app! It Does all the things I need like time tracking and assigning tasks for the remote employees. Talygen works perfectly for me. Thanks!

Submitted by Bofino on 06/16/2021

Must-try! Remote Employee Monitoring Software!!

Due to Talygen, a lot has changed in my business.  I started using Talygen to track my employees and the software turned out to be an ideal remote employee monitoring software.   Using this I was able to provide limited privilege to users and this helped me protect business data.  I found Talygen has completely changed the view of remote work and made it completely convenient.  Also, it helped me save on unnecessary expenses.  I would highly recommend this software. Must-try!

Submitted by Jagovi on 06/10/2021

Best Remote Team Monitoring Software...

I would like to recommend Talygen for remote work monitoring to accelerate your software selection process. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I was forced to run a business from home, and then I found Talygen for my remote staff tracking. Effective performance management & workload measurement is easily monitored in the software.   Trust me with Talygen you can sit back and relax as the software does tracking automatically and brings the best results.  Also, I have been experiencing full confidentiality & no data loss with Talygen.  

Submitted by Ricanod on 06/03/2021

Talygen - A Great Remote Team Monitoring Tool!!

Talygen, a great remote team monitoring tool helped me cope with the remote team challenges amid COVID-19. It is a cloud platform with unlimited web-based employee monitoring features. Easy downloading and simple sign-up is all that is required to get started with it.  It caters to varied business needs with easy customization.  I enjoyed using this software and found it the best to supercharge remote teams. I strongly recommend using Talygen for remote work tracking and making teams perform well.

Submitted by Sejobex on 05/18/2021

Highly Recommended Software For Remote Employee Software

Talygen is a recommended software for remote employee software.  The live screen monitoring tracks the records of every task completed, websites surfed, emails sent, and other activities.  For businesses with physically distanced employees, it is a robust tool.  The app is easy to install on smartphones and desktops. It enables the users to easily access records and keep remote staff updated.

Submitted by Troikos on 05/11/2021


I worried about the supervision of remote employees, but Talygen served the purpose and provided the best-in-class remote monitoring software. I tracked the productivity of my remote teams and provided them an automated platform to grow with real-time data monitoring. Employee accountability is the biggest benefit that employers can enjoy. Protecting businesses from remote work flaws is necessary, and Talygen helps in the best possible manner. Must-try!

Submitted by Wifej on 05/04/2021

The Best Remote Work Monitoring Tool

Talygen is simply the best remote work monitoring tool out there. It's really easy to use and packed with tons of amazing features, such as the performance review system.

Submitted by Fater on 04/26/2021

Best Software For Remote Team Tracker

My remote employee’s performance improved after I bought Talygen for my business. The easy-to-use remote team tracker with the cloud-based productivity tracking and activity monitoring tool transformed the work from home experience. Talygen has given me peace of mind and provided full control over remote teams.  I would like to recommend this to all my friends for professional and self-improvement.

Submitted by Whipjoy on 04/19/2021

Best Remote Employee Mentoring Software

Thanks to Talygen! I gained full control over my remote employee’s desktop screens. With this automated tool, I found it hassle-free and convenient to measure the time and productivity of remote teams within a single solution.  It helps gain insights into the team’s workflow, improves the efficiency of the projects, and provides accurate time logs of employees across the globe.

Submitted by Yapom on 04/08/2021

Talygen Software Review

Highly recommended for small startups like ours. A good buy for long-term billing and invoice management.

Submitted by Kaxefa on 04/01/2021

Talygen User Friendly Software Review - Highly Recommend

I would definitely recommend Talygen to anyone looking for a user-friendly & feature-packed cloud based storage application. It is reliable and easy-to-use. The USP here is the Microsoft Azure integration which makes sharing documents easy. I will say go for it!  

Submitted by Kaxefa on 04/01/2021

My biggest thanks to Talygen!

My biggest thanks to Talygen! Due to this amazing remote employee monitoring tool, I made to eliminate tracking remote workplace challenges. Without Talygen, it was never possible to let employees work from home. From remote performance tracking to preventing cybercrimes, this powerful and all-in-one software streamlines everything. I will highly recommend businesses to experience workplace automation at its simplest.

Submitted by Povevop on 03/25/2021

Highly recommended! Best Home Monitoring Software!

Talygen is the best work from home monitoring software for any business ever. One of my friends recommended Talygen to me. This helps in the effective management of remote team’s activities, time entries, productivity, project progress, and more. The best solution for keeping an eye on remote teams. Highly recommended!

Submitted by Befole Dori on 03/18/2021

Best App For Tracking Assets Tracking

A great app for tracking assets. Talygen has delivered an easy-to-use solution for tracking and managing assets in an effortless manner. Highly Recommended!

Submitted by Wilowe on 03/11/2021

Highly Recommended Software For Resource Management

Highly recommending. Apart from using Talygen for projects, it has become my go-to system to do just about everything, from budgeting to resource management and even just sharing data. Thanks, guys!

Submitted by Gepar Roj on 03/10/2021

Great Asset Tracker Software

Overall, a great experience! Talygen has eliminated all kinds of asset management hassles for us. It makes tracking, life cycle management, as well as disposing off a cakewalk. Kudos to the team for this great asset tracker!

Submitted by Lediweg on 03/09/2021

Best App For Time Tracking And Resource Assigning

Great app! Does all the things I need like time tracking and resource assigning? Talygen works perfectly for me. Thanks! 

Submitted by Daxig on 03/08/2021

An All-In-One Visualization Chart Maker Tool

An all-in-one visualization chart maker by Talygen offers interactive data visualization. It is a web-based online graphical reports and charts manager that helps present the project progress status using Gantt charts. The visual format of the entire organization provides in-depth details of project allocations, work done in percentage, and more. Highly recommended!

Submitted by Kanici on 03/01/2021