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Posted 01/02/2023 in Category 1 by Breaie

Why Referral Traffic Is Important

Why Referral Traffic Is Important

What is referral traffic?  

Referral traffic is not a source of website traffic from online search results. Referral traffic is how many visits a website or webpage gets from links that appear on another website back to their website.

The advantages of referral traffic are many.  The more traffic a website has from direct, organic, sponsored, or referrals creates more visitors to their website which in turn creates relevance and branding to the site that is receiving referral traffic online. Referral traffic has the potential to bring a new audience to the website.  SEO or search engine optimization is increased through referrals.

How to generate referral traffic?

List your business on Breaie and sites like Breaie.  Breaie is a directory and more which means you can contribute content here with us such as blog articles. The benefits of listing extends to directories, forums, social sites, content contributions, guest posting, blogging, videos, and other content online to various platforms.  

The key is to be consistent in your content contributions to various social platforms in addition to your own website.  Try a goal of minimum of one posting per month per platform. More is better.  Make sure to post unique content to each platform. If you can not be actively consistent in creating and posting content, there are companies that can do that service for a monthly fee often times with no contracts.  

Our motto on everything we read online or hear in the media is do this: Question everything, analyze it, and always do your own research to reach your own conclusions to "Be In The Know ™" Breaie ®

Article written and contributed by Brenda.

We make our money from membership sales, banner ads, and sales of our products in our BreaieStore to help us stay online.  Support Us.  We don't have deep pockets, parents with money, connections, or assistance.  No excuses. What we do have is persistence, drive, determination, focus, and consistency.

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