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Posted 06/02/2022 in Category 1 by Breaie

Why I Promote A2 Hosting

Why I Promote A2 Hosting

Searching for the right hosting provider?

Are you are considering the option of it is time to switch webhosting providers?  Are you ready to start your first website and need helpful information to choose the right hosting provider? Researching the many web hosting providers on the market can be a daunting task. So much information can become confusing and time consuming. Choosing the right webhosting company is very important. Hopefully, my review will break down the information to the most relevant pieces and help your decision making process much easier. 

A2 Hosting is my webhosting company of choice for over five years now on a few sites I have. 

I am speaking from my personal experience that I have with this company and and why I feel they offer superior hosting. When I originally purchased hosting, I had no experience with creating a website using WordPress and I had never seen the inside of a CPanel for hosting a site.  I was a total novice with no experience. I was totally overwhelmed.  I made a lot of mistakes and needed a lot of help and I had a lot of questions.

I have referred A2hosting to friends who were creating  sites for their business and others who were seeking to change hosting providers.  All were very happy they chose A2hositng for their needs.  

Breaie.com contains affiliate links that if you click on a link and make a purchase we maybe compensated with no additional cost to you.  There we have to say that  Breaie may benefit. (Disclosure)  

Let's do  a very brief run down on A2Hosting's history.  

The company started in 2001 by CEO Bryan Muthig in a small office in Michigan with a dream of helping everyone to succeed online with easy to use hosting.

Fast-forward, the company now has over two hundred employees and data centers globally.  Bryan is sticking to his original vision and that dream has manifested and continues to evolve with the original mission statement intact. Wonderful to see companies start, grow, expand and be profitable. 

What Does A2Hosting Offer You?

Small business owners or someone creating their first website knows that a small glitch while learning to create a website or experience a huge issue with their hosting can create severe stress.  Rest assured that A2 Hosting has reliable technical support for you to reach out to. 

A2 Hosting offer 24/7/365 email, live chat, and phone support.  I have zero experience in using their chat or email support.  I have used their phone support because I like the personal touch of speaking with a guru.  Their wait times are very reasonable and their tech support is top notch. 

If you have no experience with webhosting or starting up a website like I was back in the day, their tech support will walk you through the whole process, answer your questions, help you fix the errors, or other issues as well as be your tech teacher.  They will guide you on how to troubleshoot common issues as you gain more knowledge and skills you will gain confidence and be proud of your online creation.  

A2 Hosting has created an extensive knowledge base of information that you can search for your specific requirements. Step by step instructions are given to help you fix your issue.  If you need help, they are available anytime. Just reach out. 

Site Migration

If you currently have a website and are ready to change hosts, site migration is free. My understanding is the site migration for one website only.  Double check on this offer should you have more than one website to move. 

Point and click install with A2 site builder.   CMS rush and WordPress

Build a website quickly. Always know that tech support is available should you get stuck or have questions. 

A2hosting has great reviews and have won awards.

Trust Pilot is a review website that anyone can go and share their experience with a business on an open platform for people to read.  The Trust Pilot  reviews help consumers make decisions on companies the consumer is researching to possibly do business with. The reviews submitted provides feedback to companies on how they are conducting business.  The negative feedback on a company should be taken as a way to be and do better towards their customer base.  Negative reviews shows where the company may need improvement.

A2hosting has currently over 1500 reviews on Trust Pilot with a 4.5 rating.  

On the A2hosting site under reviews, they have a lot of reviews submitted by their hosting customers.  Many reviews are recent with very positive feedback. If you are curious and want to research more, you can scroll back in time and see the comments left by their customers.  

Forbes ranked A2Hosting as one of the best webhosting providers list for this year. Their ranking number given is 4.2 out of 5.0.  

Here is a comparison chart of how A2Hosting competes on offerings with other popular hosting providers.

How does your hosting provider rank on this list? 

How A2Hosting Compares To The Most Popular Hosting Companies

All Shared Hosting plans offer these features.  

Key points.

Unlimited Emails

No worries on the numbers of emails created.

Unlimited Transfers

Amount of traffic you generate to and from your host network and your website. Major benefit here on cost savings. 

CPanel Control Panel

Makes managing your website and server or shared server easy. 

Acces your server, web files, domains, create email accounts, publish websites, backups, downloads, app installers like WordPress, database, metrics, security, software, and more. 

Free SSL Certicate

All domains now need to have the HTTPS as part of their URL.  SSL is secure socket layer for encrypted security between website and the server.  

Website Forwarding

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Website Cloning and Staging

Clone your live website and use the cloned site to make adjustments, changes, add plugins, or what ever you want to do on staged site to see if works ok before taking your changes to live site. 

Choice of Data Center Locations

Chose a server location for hosting your site from any data cetner around the world.

SSD speed 

SSD aka solid state drives to boost up your speed,OS, site, and databases.

       More  Awesome Features 


 Dual Firewalls

Two layers of firewalls for additional online security.

Virus Scanner

Cloudflare CDN Free

Provides security for websites, APIs, Apps. 

Bot management, load balancing, rate limiting, WAF.

Paid plans:

Also have Cloudflare Pro

and Enterprise

99.99% Uptime Commitment

System admins 24/7/3365

They monitor the system and keep the servers running at its' peak and fast.  

Hack Scan Security

Out of date version detection, notifications that you need to update software or apps.

Infected files are quarantined 


Brute force Defense

Real time protection from bot attacks, account takeovers, and more.

More Security

DDOS Protection Reinforcement.

All websites need this protection.

DDOS means denial of service attacks that go after your server to prevent others from getting to your site and eventually takes server down, or steal information.

Restore Backups

Have an issue with your site or a plugin created an issue?

No worries. Backup manager backs up your site and can restore your site from different backup periods.

Retrieve your site backup and restore your website with ease.

Money Back Guarantee

Can try their hosting and all of their great stuff that goes with hosing for 30 days (thirty), if you are not satisfied, they will refund 100% of your money.  Sounds reasonable right?

If you go over 30 days, they prorate the refund.  NO RISK.

They have hosting plans for every stage of your online business property and budget.  All plans come with a money back guarantee.  You can try their plans with absolutely no risk. 

Their startup plan is for one domain name hosting.   There are many other shared hosting plans offered as well to choose from. All of their other hosting plans allow unlimited domains, unlimited SSD storage, automatic free backups.  They offer site cloning capability to create a clone of  a live website to act as a staging site to do testing or make changes without affecting your live site.  When you are done with your work, you can push the changes to the live website. 

Shared hosting is a great plan for most projects will need.  If you have large amount of traffic or want special server needs you may want to check out their other plans below.

More Website Hosting Options Available

WordPress Hosting

A2Hosting offers WordPress hosting plans on turbo platforms to provide increased speed and security for your WordPress website.  If you are starting out with a WordPress site, you can still use the very inexpensive shared hosting plan for a WordPress website and transition later to WordPress hosting plan.  

VPS Hosting

VPS is an abbreviation of virtual private server. Managed and Unmanaged VPS hosting is available to site owners that do not want or need shared hosting plans or have large amounts of traffic.  For example, a growing ecommerce biz, running more than one website, developing websites for clients, or developers that work on multiple websites.  They prefer having their own servers that the site owner can manage themselves or have the A2Hosting team manage the VPS for you.  

Each VPS operates independently from other servers.  Each VPS has its' own allocation of resources like RAM, CPU, and disk space.  Almost like having your own dedicated server, but with out all of the headaches and extra costs. A VPS server is isolated from other servers which offers many advantages such as customization, scalable, and better performance of the website.  

VPS hosting is managed through the CPanel for ease of use as well as a free SSL certificate.  They have turbo boost on the VPS servers for higher speeds using a turbo caching solution.  

Dedicated Hosting Plans

A2hosting offers some sophisticated internet hardware.  They offer bare metal dedicated servers that with the options of managed and unmanaged servers.  These plans are for higher traffic sites that need more way more speed as well as options.  Definitely worth a read to stay up on the latest technology available.

Domain Buy and Sell

Domain registration to buy a domain name is easy.  Domain transfers are available for existing domains. Just type in the domain name you are interested in purchasing in the search bar.  

A2hosting will help you get your website on the internet quickly and uptime for your live on the internet is certain. 

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Article written and contributed by Brenda.

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