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What Category Is Your Business In?

What Category Is Your Business In?

Which category is the best fit for your business?     

Every business is someone's dream they have created that adds a value to the person who took a risk. The objective of Breaie is to help every business online get an extra boost of exposure in the digital space regardless of the chosen membership plan you are on here with us.  

To help you get the most of this website, we have a very brief explanation with screenshots to help you with your category and subcategory selections.

For individuals that want to be members, but you don't have a business and want to be a member, welcome.  Good to read through this information for your understanding.  

Your explanation is below.

For business member profile:

After log in, the first step is to click on manage listing and the basic information.  Screenshot below.

The first question is type of listing.  You are either a business or a person.

As you start to fill out your profile information for a business, you will see the drop down menu for "best describes you".

Best describes you is asking what category of business are you?

How to choose the best selection for your business?  

For example, your business is in law. You are a licensed practicing attorney. We would recommend selecting the attorney/lawyer option in the menu in the "best describes you" menu.  Some attorneys choose professional services. You can choose any category you feel comfortable with.

Best practices is to stick to the category that most closely matches your business. We recommend for internal and external SEO to choose the best fit for your category aka "best describes you" for your category.  

For optimal results in the searches on Breaie's SEO as well as your business profile on Breaie that is searchable and visible online.  

For this area, you will see the importance of choosing your category correctly.  It is ok if you choose the wrong category you can go back and edit anytime to make the right selection. Each category also gives you a subcategory selection for your industry in the additional details tab area.  

In the additional details tab,  we used the above example of attorney.  There will be subsections of practice of law that you can choose for your business.  Let's break down the example further.  You chose attorney in the "best describes you selection and your area of specialty for law is accident injury attorney. 

In the additional details section you would choose personal injury attorney.  The above list includes more areas of law than is showing on the screenshot.

The free membership plan:  only get 1 selection for additional detail to add to your subcategory.  

The paid plans have more selections.

Starter plan can select 5 categories.

Premium plan can select unlimited categories.

Don't panic if you choose the wrong category in the "best describes you" section or the "additional details page".  

Best describes you and the additional details tabs can be changed unlimited number of times.  You would need to change your category in the area of "best describes you".  Then, the additional details page will change for the subcategory selections available  contingent  on your category chosen. 

No category that is available in the "best describes you" or additional details area for your business.

Choose the category that most closely matches your industry.  One option is to choose professional services and skip the additional details selection for your subcategory for now. This is to allow you to continue to build your profile.  

Reach out to us to let us know what field of business that you are in and we will create the right category for you with any subcategories that we can research and add into the additional details area for you. We may reach out to ask some additional questions.  When we have your category ready, we will email you back to let you know that you can update your profile.  

For individual member profile:

Just choose personal/ individual for the type of listing.

In the best describes you area, select from the drop down menu "person". Your work for this segment as a person is complete. 

Article written by Brenda

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If you need technical support, have questions, or need a category for your profession, just reach out.