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Posted 07/21/2021 in Category 1 by Breaie

Warm Watermelon Healthier For You

Warm Watermelon Healthier For You

Watermelons are considered a summer fruit.  

As in the name, watermelon contains a lot of water which helps keep you hydrated in the summer and provides a lot of plant based nutrients.  I consider watermelon to be nature's Gatorade of sorts.

I stumbled on an article that was an eyeopener about keeping watermelons at room temperature. 

Research was conducted by the US Department of Agriculture. Their article did not get the attention this article truly deserved  on watermelons.  Their research was conducted on an uncut watermelon kept at room temperature to determine changes on nutritional value of the watermelons.   Their research discovered that watermelons stored at room temperature contain more antioxidants than refrigerated watermelons. Their findings actually showed that storing watermelons at room temperatures actually enhanced the nutrient rich value of watermelons.

Watermelons contain lycopene and beta carotene which are in the antioxidant category.  Watermelons have higher amounts of lycopene than any other fruit or vegetable.  Here is where this gets interesting.  If the picked uncut watermelons are kept at room temperature.  Meaning, leave the watermelon on your countertop or other area in the kitchen. Their findings showed that the lycopene and beta carotene levels increased in the unrefrigerated non sliced watermelons by large percentage amounts.

These scientists did some testing on the lycopene and beta carotene levels of uncut watermelons that were refrigerated.  Their levels remained the same with no increase in those antioxidant levels.  

If you are looking to eat healthy, watermelon is one fruit that should be on your list of fruits to enjoy all year. 

Watermelons are healthy food and versatile which can be consumed in many different ways.  Watermelon can be made into smoothies and juices. Eaten plain. Made into a salad or soup.  Watermelon pickles a Southern treat are excellent. Great grilled.  Vodka martinis as well as vodka infused watermelon. 

Here is my recipe that I use frequently:  Watermelon, Banana, Lime Juice

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