Want Or Need To Shop For A Car?
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Posted 01/23/2022 in Category 1 by Breaie

Want Or Need To Shop For A Car?

Want Or Need To Shop For A Car?

Even though there are less people on the roads these days because most folks are working from home or joined the I quit ranks, there are now more car accidents than ever before.  Currently no one has a solid explanation of why there are huge increases in auto accidents.  The insurance companies have the numbers to show vehicle accidents are on the rise. 

Practice defensive driving while on the road to not only protect yourself, the other driver, but your car as well. Repairs are taking much longer than normal and the ability to get the parts to repair cars are becoming difficult to get as well as taking much longer to get in the shops.  Automobiles and trucks are becoming difficult to purchase. New and used cars are scarce and very pricey.  Here is what is happening. 

Shortages are happening across the board. In the car industry, they are experiencing chip shortages, wiring harnesses, plastics, and glass are all in short supply.  Reports state that new cars will be in short supply throughout all of 2022. Which equates to prices will be much higher for new cars.   

Just no way not to notice the bare car dealership lots anymore.  

Buying a car is becoming very competitive and expensive. Be prepared to set aside more time to find a vehicle. If you do find a car, you must act fast with a snap decision because the car can be purchased quickly by other buyers.  As the inventory dwindles, don't be surprised if bidding wars erupt for a car purchase. 

Used cars are in high demand.

The used car market has few cars to choose from for purchase.  The lack of supply and huge demand naturally creates higher prices for these cars.  Expect to pay way more for a used car.  Sticker shock does not begin to explain the current used car market.  Appears pricing are rising daily in this market.  

Rebuilt Titles

I recently learned of rebuilt titles while out car shopping for a replacement car that was totaled out in an accident. A rebuilt title is a car that was declared a total loss by the insurance company.  Some car dealers, mechanic,  tote the note car lot and others will buy these cars cheap and rebuild them for resale.  

The way to know you maybe dealing with a rebuilt title is the price of the car is much less than the market price for a similar car for sale.  Some sellers will disclose upfront the title is a rebuilt title, some will not, so do your own research. I'm not a mechanic, but a car that was declared a total loss by the insurance company is a good indicator that the car may never truly be safe in another accident.  

I do not know how the insurance company will insure a car with a rebuilt title or choose to decline to insure these types of vehicles.  I recommend contacting your insurance company prior to purchase to see what they say about these types of cars that are now flooding the market for sale. Same for the car passing necessary inspections to be legally allowed on the roads.

I drove a car that the Carfax report claimed was only in a minor fender bender, but all airbags deployed. the car looked great, drove well, very responsive as well as some horsepower.   I asked to see the title on this car and an insurance company was the named owner on the title.  When, I checked with a website about the "VIN" vehicle identification number, I discovered the car was a total loss. 

Here is the excellent website to check if the used car you are considering for purchase was declared a salvage car/ total loss, or possibly a stolen vehicle.  https://www.nicb.org/      Contains lots of information on this site that is very helpful to any used car buyer.

Auto Insurance Rates Are On The Rise

With more auto accidents, inflation, and the rising costs of vehicles, expect your insurance premiums to increase. 



Our motto on everything we read online is do this: Question everything, analyze it, and always do your own research to reach your own conclusions to "Be In The Know™" Breaie® 

Article written and contributed by Brenda

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