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Posted 12/04/2022 in Category 1 by Breaie

Twitter Files: What Would Mulder and Scully Do?

Twitter Files: What Would Mulder and Scully Do?

The release of part one of the Twitter files opens up a lot of questions surrounding the released information.  The anticipated Twitter drop of more information to come and how incriminating the information could be. All we have seen is a guy telling his version of what he read and an email drop that exposed the former Twitter owner Jack Dorsey's email address. 

Elon Musk is doing the planet a tremendous service by allowing the release of the information.

So many other people in countries outside of the USA have asked for information relating to their countries elections and other issues their country is facing. 

Maybe society should see all of the emails in searchable format and conduct our own forensic research on what happened.  Many people going over the information can be helpful in putting together what actually happened in each area.

If there was election interference with the digital voting machines and mail in ballots.  We need to take a hard look at how to resolve this problem so this does not happen again.  There must  be a level of trust in the voting system. We can go back to the old way of paper ballots with a pen with manual counting or think something new. Just a thought so humor me.

What if identification of each voter is authenticated online through multiple check systems and we all had online social media accounts such as Twitter.  

We as the people can question the candidates in real time online and not have some moderator with their questions, but the people's questions. 

We vote inside the platform, each voter keeps a record of what candidate they voted for, so if there are any questions around cheating each voter has their voting record of their chosen elected official.  Better than voting in secrecy and not have a record of which official that you voted for.  

Have you ever wondered why can't get a copy of who you voted for?  All you get here in US ia stupid sticker saying that "i voted".  While waiting in line to vote and inside the building no one can have cell phone on, take pictures, or record anything in there.  Don't you find that strange?

In Texas, a voter must produce a drivers license and their voter identification card to vote. If you recently moved and did not change your address with valid proof of the new address, the voter can't vote.  Think about that a moment.

My inspirational thought process surrounding the voting process and changes needed came from The Keymaker's Tweet.   

The voting system need some tweaking.  

Our motto on everything we read online or hear from the media is do this: Question everything, analyze it, and always do your own research to reach your own conclusions to "Be In The Know™" Breaie® 

Article written and contributed by Brenda

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