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Posted 11/05/2022 in Category 1 by Breaie

The Musk Effect

The Musk Effect

The ongoing news and live coverage of the Elon Musk and Twitter saga rages on.

Mr. Musk is now the owner of the Twitter empire and he is ushering in lots of changes at the blue bird house.  The purchase by Elon has created the need to generate revenue for the company via the way of the "Blue Checkmark" fee for eight dollars USD monthly fee. This monthly fee is ongoing account verification and other additional perks this monthly fee brings to the Twitter users that opt in for this service.

Legitimate items to consider when liking, sharing, or communicating with someone online. 

The eight dollars a month is not a lot of money for business that are generating cash, celebrities, politicians, and other types of users of this platform to show their account is a legitimate account.  Let's face it no one really knows if these online accounts on any platform is really who they say they are with the current signup process. Nor does anyone know who the authorized social media managers are of some of these accounts are. 

By the time I am done writing this article or after this piece is published, there could be other changes on the way or he could possibly trash the eight dollar monthly fee or any number of other options and routes he could go with this 

Prior to the purchase of Twitter, Elon was convinced that a lot of the Twitter accounts were bots and he was vocal about his findings.  "The Musk Effect" was created that has trickled down through the internet.  Yes bots can sign up and create accounts, maybe imposters signing up and using fake information can occur, and maybe possible for bots to sign up using a credit card to pay for membership.  Never know these days with online  AI.

Overhead Costs Huge

Businesses like Twitter have high overhead costs such as data centers, bandwidth usage, payroll, and so many other cost factors that go into a business like this.  As the membership increases, so do the costs involved in running and maintaining the site. There are infrastructure costs, cloud costs, bills for more server space.  The list is long for certain. Yes, they make money off of advertising and sponsored posts, but unfortunately the company's finances were badly mismanaged. 

I strongly believe that the era to be on many types of social media platforms as well as sites like Breaie for free is in the process of change. Paid membership particularly businesses allows people online to know that the business is serious about their online presence, brand, and their reputation.  

The new model of paying for membership to be on a platform will mean more activity, engagement, quality members that truly contribute to the feeds.  We have switched to that business model and we have way less headaches than before when we allowed free signups for certain plans.

The membership fees we charge are yearly fees that are very affordable to be listed on our site. The ability to display your  business, contribute content, and so much more.  You get backlinks, SEO boost, more exposure, online credibility. Just as with any other platform, you have to work your profile and you will see results.

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The cover picture is from Harsh Raj's post to Elon.  I wanted to ensure I give credits and props. 

Written by Brenda

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