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Relationship Marketing Benefits

Relationship Marketing Benefits

Not sure you understand the purpose of relationship marketing?

"Relationship marketing focuses on customer loyalty and long term customer engagements rather than short term goals of acquiring customers and sales."  Less time spent on prospecting and advertising for customers. 

Relationship marketing is a strategy to create customer loyalty for your business, have open lines of communication with your customers as well as create long-term engagements with your customers. The use of relationship marketing provides an in depth understanding of the needs and wants of your customers.

Benefits of Relationship Marketing

Creates better improved customer experience. Conversations are started either via the business or the customer, so there is open communication lines available. The business gains valuable feedback from their customers and much easier for the business to generate leads and referrals.

In the age of everything online, the use of relationship marketing pairs well with being social on various online channels. 

Want more traffic and visibility online for your website?

Get social.  Be social online should be a part of your social media marketing strategy for your business. Keep your social media account active and maintained.  The more places your business is listed online the easier for people to find your business and assists in building your brand identity online through digital marketing.  

Many experts say not to spread yourself to thin on multiple social media platforms.  These experts suggest only going with the top three social media platforms which are supposedly Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Those sites are good places to network and generate leads.  However, there are so many new platforms out there now that warrants looking into and checking viability of getting on those planforms for your business.  Momentum is being built on the newer platforms because many people  have signed up on these sites and are building their networks in there now utilizing relationship marketing.

Wise to diversify your business online presence

People are connected digitally to each other globally as well as regionally, and hyperlocal.  Don't limit your options. The person that could be connected to your business or reads something you posted may know someone they are connected to that is looking for your business services and would be willing to recommend your business to their friends and family simply because there was some sort of connection or knowledge of your business offerings. 

A few tips to promote your business

Get active socially online by connecting with others in each platform.  Respond to their posts and start conversations, and like their posts.  Learn about their businesses or what they are passionate about. You are also learning about your potential customers needs, what is trending, as well as lot of other valuable information. People online can become familiar with you and your business. Works both ways online. Free and a very simple social media marketing plan to boost your online visibility, create relationships, and connections.

Remember the 80/20 rule applies online as well.  80% of your posts should be content.  The content can be shared posts or posts that you create.  The other 20% of your posts are for promoting your specific content for your business.  

The objective is to brand your business and make new connections.  There are so many online options to keep your business visible online that it just takes a few minutes of your day maybe twice a day that will yield you a large return with no monetary investment regardless of the popularity or the newness of the platform. 

Breaie.com offers business owners free and paid membership plans to list their business as well as the ability to get social on our platform that covers all plans even members that don't have a business can join and be social.  Come join us and add us to your digital channels.  You don't have to worry about being seeing a lot of advertising or be contacted by us for ad spend.  We make our money from memberships and sales of our products in our store, 

Our motto on everything we read online is do this: Question everything, analyze it, and always do your own research to reach your own conclusions to "Be In The Know™" Breaie® 

Become a member of Breaie as a business or just a member.  You can also post in the discussions, so be social. Free and paid plans.  Grab what works for your situation and business.  

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Article written and contributed by Brenda

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