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Posted 05/03/2022 in Category 1 by Breaie

How To Create A Credible Business Profile

How To Create A Credible Business Profile

I see a lot of business signups on Breaie.com. I've seen great well crafted professional business profile listings and I've seen business profile listings that clearly show no pride or professionalism towards their business.  

You only have a few seconds to capture the consumer's attention.

If you don't have any love or pride for your business profile which is the same as your online business card, consumers won't give your profile listing a second glance.  Creating an online profile for your company is a form of digital marketing for lead generation. Make your profile a showcase your expertise, skills, product offerings and services.  

Profiles with complete listing information are trusted and tend to perform better than a profile that only has some shell data. 

The consumer who is searching for a business to reach out to does not want to waste time digging through incomplete profiles of a business online. The consumer who is conducting online research on a business that they want to hire for services or purchase products wants to see what your entrepreneurial pursuit looks like, reviews, and more prior to making a decision. Don't let your competitors beat you out.  Be competitive. Showcase your skills and broadcast that you are an expert in your field. 

When adding your business profile here or anywhere else, remember to be professional. Approach your online profile creation with pride and include all of your information including your logo.  Include as much information that you can.  

What is a complete profile?

Here are some must have information for bare minimum for your business profile to be searchable within our SEO as well as be visible to the public.  These rules apply to businesses on any plan as well as people who sign up under the general plan.

       1:  The name of your company or your name

       2: Must choose one top level category for your business.  

        If you don't know what category your biz is in, just  choose professional services. You can edit at any time.                    General users do not need to choose a category.  We  have done that for you. 

      3: Profile photo or logo

      4: Address or location information

Your dashboard has so many sections to provide a ton of additional information to promote your brand's expertise and that is optional for you to complete at your leisure. 

Check your live active profile to ensure your listing is live. Review your information is correct, all links to your website are entered correctly and goes to your site, and all URLs to your socials are entered correctly and goes to your profile on the social media accounts that you included in your profile.

Validation and introductions.

Expect follow ups from us in the form of an email requesting information or communication.

A phone call from one of our representatives.  We want to know our base and if there is anything that we can do to improve our site.  

Here is another article that is helpful to build your profile. 

What category is your business in?

Answers to common questions from members can be found in the FAQ page. 

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Article written and contributed by Brenda

Our motto on everything we read online is do this: Question everything, analyze it, and always do your own research to reach your own conclusions to "Be In The Know™" Breaie® 

Article written and contributed by Brenda

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