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Posted 06/27/2023 in Category 1 by Breaie

Fuel Prices In Texas

Fuel Prices In Texas

Extreme gas prices in Texas

A day trip that turned into an inflation shocker. These pictures were taken June 26th 2023 at the Love's Truck Stop off I30 East in Rockwall TX on the way to Greenville TX.  Look closely at the price for premium unleaded gasoline in comparison to the other two options for gas. Why nearly ten dollars per gallon?  What is so special about this premium gas here at this location?  No other gas station in the area is charging this much for premium per gallon?  What is going on with this store and or the Love's Travel Stop business to charge this price for gas?  

Here is a bit of background on how product pricing works.

Our products on store shelves are delivered by truckers.  The prices we pay at the stores for goods are based on large part on gas prices.  Trucking companies and truck drivers have expenses and wages to pay, so these prices affect us all when we buy needed goods.  

Switching to battery operated cars sounds good until you are saddled with an expensive car that needs battery replacement that will cost nearly as much as the car itself.  Environmental stress on lands for mining the needed materials to make the batteries. Then, there is the load on the power grid to charge these cars which in turn increases our electric bills. The time wasted tied to a charging station is another downside to electric cars.  The time to complete your tip is extended out longer.

Let me know in the comments section what you think is going on.  Is this a trend?