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Posted 03/27/2022 in Category 1 by Breaie

Can Your Subconscious Mind Affect Your Life?

Can Your Subconscious Mind Affect Your Life?

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We are all about self improvement, personal and professional growth.  Being the best you can be as an individual is important. We believe this topic is of importance not only to ourselves, but to others as well which is why we are sharing this information. 

We are all being influenced by subliminal messages.

What is a subliminal message? 

Subliminal messages are stimuli or signals below the threshold of conscious awareness.

A technique used to affect people while they are not aware of the message and what is being communicated can do. For example, flashes of text that can't be seen with naked eye, hidden images, subtle cues, and sounds below hearing range affect people at the subconscious level.  Can be done accidentally by well meaning people.

Subliminal messages are not seen by your eyes or heard by your ears. These messages are easily implanted in your subconscious mind. Subliminal messages are all around us daily on the radio, TV, internet, schools, Universities, and at home.  

We are bombarded at an early age with messages that are either positive or negative that soaks into the subconscious mind where the messages stay and control human behavior.

The conscious mind handles rational and logical thinking.

The subconscious mind controls all involuntary actions.  The subconscious mind is designed to be ruled by emotions and instinct.  The subconscious mind sole purpose is to keep you safe. 

The conscious mind is linked to the subconscious mind and affects the conscious mind.  

The subconscious and conscious mind work together as a team to create your actions.  The action end result can be success or failure, happiness or despair.  Mental programming has to be changed 

Have you tried to retrain your brain in some manner?  Read a book, listened to an audio, watched a video on self help? Did you try any of their suggestions?

Here are some examples: 

Have you tried speaking positive affirmations? Did you call in what you wanted?

Have you written your goals out on paper and viewed them daily? Goals were not accomplished?

Have your prayers not been answered?

Have you changed your habits and still get the same results?

Have you created a vision or dream board?  Your vision board manifests in subpar or not at all?

Have you changed your thought process to be more grateful and see positives? Still bad stuff shows up?

Have you seen small transformations in your life and the past keeps repeating itself in some negative outcome then went back to where you were before or worse?

Have you tried any or all of these suggestions by the gurus and you are still stuck?

Your subconscious mind is sabotaging you. You have to work on reprogramming your subconscious mind. The solution is to retrain your subconscious mind to get better results. 

Maybe it is time to try a different solution to make lasting permanent change in your subconscious mind that will create the change in your reality and life.  We have a solution. 

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