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Blog For Business

Blog For Business

Have you started a business with a website and need to save on advertising budget or have little or no money for ad spend?  Worried about how can you grow your traffic to your website? We recommend this solution.


Yes, the act of blogging can be very beneficial to businesses that have an online presence or are exclusively online. 

Cut your advertising budget or redirect your ad spend elsewhere by creating blog articles. 

Create blog articles for your website, create content as a regular content contributor or guest post to other sites that have more traffic

Use blog articles to promote websites, increase backlinks, generate traffic, climb up organically on online ranks, build an audience and reach more people. 

Blogging is an inexpensive way to share information about your company's products and or services to an online audience.  

Blogging is also a way to communicate your thoughts on certain topics that are relevant for your audience. Blogs provide credibility to your business with consistent online content creation and publication.

Blogging is a powerful way to increase website traffic organically as well as showcase your products and or services.

The free benefits of blogging are many:

Drive free traffic to your website

Build an email list from your readers that opt to subscribe to notifications from you for your latest publications. 

No need to pay for sponsored ads on other advertising platforms

When blogs are added to your website, this act let's the search engines know that your website is active.  

Indexed Page

Each time you create an a blog article for your website, guest post, or as a regular content contributor to a larger site, your published post creates an indexed page on your website as well as the site your article is posted on. Your indexed page helps your website to show up on the search engine results page (SERP) which is basically an organic traffic search. Gives a boost to your SEO aka search engine optimization. 


Backlinks are created when a guest poster or as a regular content contributor posts original written content and original or free pictures with no copyright issues written for other websites to be published.

A great technique to get backlinks from the blogs contributed to create backlinks to the contributors' website by giving an article as well as the host site. Contributors and guest bloggers get full credit for their content by link or links in the article.  The guest posters and contributors are strongly encouraged to their name on their article, photo is optional, website URL, and all contact information of the writers. A great way to gain exposure.

Some sites are ok with affiliate links only with full disclosure.

Win win for the guest posting and regular content contributors of quality unique content as well as the publisher.  Everyone gains.  

Always look for sources that accept free guest posts. is one website of many that accept free guest posts and free regular content contributors that have been approved by us. Guest posters can become regular content contributors for free with us by providing consistent well written content that is not found anywhere else online.

If you have a business, you can consider a paid plan to contribute your content for your business on your profile on Breaie as well as so much more. All content must be uniquely created to post about any topic. 

To find other sources for free guest posts do an online search.  

Content on websites can be searched online as well as shared throughout different social media platforms which provides additional exposure to a wider online audience.

When blogs are added to your website, this act let's the search engines know that your website is active. 

Published blog articles can be searched online and found through the search engines and shared online on social media. The sharing of your blog articles gives your written articles additional exposure and can be seen by a new audience.  The net is worldwide and your audience can be located anywhere in the world.  

Business blogging is a marketing tool to help get more visibility online for your website, business, and offerings. Blogging is one of many marketing channels online.  

Some examples of marketing channels are:

Social Media Platforms

Direct Mail

Email Marketing


Business Directories  ( Breaie is a business directory)

Phone Sales

Blogging is free and only requires writing skills, creativity, and imagination to create a story or share information. Don't forget to cite sources or give credit for quotes, free downloadable pictures, and other items used in your work.

Our motto on everything we read online is do this: Question everything, analyze it, and always do your own research to reach your own conclusions to "Be In The Know™" Breaie® 

Article written and contributed by Brenda offers business owners free and paid membership plans to list their business as well as the ability to get social on our platform that covers all plans even members that don't have a business can join and be social. Come join us and add us to your digital channels.  

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