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Posted 07/09/2022 in Category 1 by Breaie

Are Reviews Necessary?

Are Reviews Necessary?

Why your business needs reviews?

Your business needs reviews on multiple platforms from different customers to showcase your way of conducting business. 

Don't be afraid to receive reviews good or bad. Customer feedback should always be welcome. Negative reviews can be turned into a positive experience for you and the consumer that is disgruntled.  

The review process allows for open dialogue for communication, resolution and growth of your business.  The consumer is empowered to provide feedback for everyone to read. Posted reviews are the final deciding factor for a consumer in their research phase of doing business with a business. 

Benefits from customer reviews:

Social proof

Creditability and trust

Creates consumer loyalty

Reviews creates more reviews

More online visibility

An online review is like getting a digital personal recommendation of your business.  Reviews level the playing field for all businesses online regardless of their industry, size of their business, time in business, or business revenues, privately held, publicly traded, or self employed. 

Negative and false reviews.

A negative review must responded to swiftly and addressed immediately. A negative review from a customer is still feedback that shows the business where the consumer's experience needs major improvements promptly.  This area is where the business will need to pivot quickly to shift their business to do better and make their customer base happy in some manner.  

Try to work some type of resolution so that the consumer that left a bad review will add to their review stating that  everything was resolved and now they are satisfied with their experience of your business. The alternative could be that they start another review that is positive and refer back to their negative review and show how the issue was resolved, so that they now leave a good review.

Always respond to all types of reviews in a polite professional manner.  This tip is extremely important when responding to a negative or false review. Lack of any response to reviews good or bad can be viewed as apathy, negative review was correct, or poor or no customer service.  

Do ask for details or additional questions of the reviewer.  Ensure the consumer that their review is important  and you welcome feedback so that you can make improvements on your customer experience of your business.

False or Fake Reviews

Be aware that competitors and consumers can leave fake reviews that are very negative.  Always respond politely and promptly.  Address a  false or fake review publicly so that the current and potential customers can read your side of the story and explanation.  Address the claims that maybe exaggerated or completely false. If you have documentation, that could be added in your rebuttal as well to vindicate your business from nasty allegations.

Don't be afraid to ask for documentation or any other important information to validate their claims. 

Google my business has a way to flag a review you received or report violations.

On Breaie, we offer the same option.  You can reach out to us to report false or fake reviews for flagging.  We will look into the review.  This does not relieve you of addressing these types of reviews.

Our motto on everything we read online or hear from the media is do this: Question everything, analyze it, and always do your own research to reach your own conclusions to "Be In The Know™" Breaie® 

Article written and contributed by Brenda

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