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Posted 09/23/2022 in Category 1 by Breaie

Antibiotic Miracles And Downsides

Antibiotic Miracles And Downsides

Most people have had to take doctor prescribed antibiotics at some point in their lives for an infection.  

The antibiotics given for an infection are in a sense miracle healing drugs.  Around eighty years or so ago, the majority of people who developed an infection died from their illness because there were not a lot of medications available for a doctor to prescribe to cure an ill person of their infections.  Medical improvements occurred In the 1940s. Scientists discovered  penicillin and later the development of antibiotics occurred.  Huge advancements were made in medicine in those days to treat an illness. 

Here are some of the findings over the years on antibiotic use.  

Antibiotic side effects occur by altering gut flora.  Another word that is associated with the gut flora is gut microbiota, or intentional flora.  When the gut flora is out of whack, these common symptoms can develop into antibiotic diarrhea, the reverse constipation, nausea, and or vomiting.

The human gut is a delicate system and can easily be thrown out of balance. 

The intentional flora contains hundreds of species of bacteria inside the human gut. Some of these species are pathogenic and some are good aka beneficial bacteria.  Unfortunately, when antibiotics are needed, their use kills all of the flora in the gut.

Antibiotic induced gut flora changes have short and long term consequences. " The human intentional tract contains bacteria, archaea eukaryotes, and viruses. " The most serious consequences of antibiotics are bacterial antibiotic resistance."  

How much time does the gut flora need to recover from antibiotics?

Current research shows that can take weeks to months.  Studies have shown that some strains of healthy bacteria in the gut are missing six months after completing a round of antibiotics.  Upon further reading and research, I learned that scientists are uncertain if the gut flora can ever return to normal after antibiotic use.

 I'm just sharing information about what I discovered about antibiotics after a serious illness. Be informed and understand what you can do to get your gut flora back into a sense of normalcy.  There is a lot of information coming out that gut flora and health are related. 

How to restore gut flora?

There is good news from research that gut flora can get back to a healthy state with a healthy diet, some supplements, probiotics, and prebiotics. 

Here are some definitions.

" Prebiotics are special plant fibers that act as food for the good bacteria and stimulates growth of friendly or good         bacteria in the gut."     

" Probiotics are living strains of bacteria that add to the good bacteria population in the digestive system."

Here are some examples of prebiotic foods:








Examples of probiotic foods:






Here is a picture of Kefir a probiotic drink.  Look at the label which is interesting. This brand has 12 live probiotic active cultures.  

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