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Posted 03/09/2022 in Category 1 by Precious Metals

Need A Side Gig?

Need A Side Gig?

Are you worried about the economy?

The signs are all around us that show with certainty that inflation is occurring globally.  The conflict in the Ukraine has escalated supply chain issues, shortages, as well as increasing prices and continued inflation. Unfortunately, the prices of goods will continue to rise because gasoline is needed to move goods around to the consumers.  Prices are tied together. Higher fuel costs creates higher price of goods. Combine the inflation with shortages of products makes for a bad situation . 

Gas prices are rising faster than wages can keep up. The fiat currency valuations used by countries are being eroded in value by inflation.  The currency is basically lost its' purchasing power and will continue to decline.  Now days the sad reality is it takes more money to buy any products.  

In these volatile economic times, everyone needs to consider what their plan B will be.  

What can anyone do to preserve their money and wealth?

Here are some options to consider. 

Real estate investing or purchase your first home? Yes real estate is one option, but if buy during inflationary times you will pay more for the real estate purchase, need more down payment, and have to accept higher interest rate loan for the mortgage on a home or rental  purchase. What will you do if the market takes a down turn and you owe more on the house than it is worth? 

Already have a mortgage?  Prepare for higher insurance premiums, property taxes, HOA fees. This result is part of inflation all across the board. 

There is the crypto currency option.  Unfortunately some countries have regulated crypto and want tax money for this new digital currency.  So far if you have your keys and store your crypto in an offsite wallet, you are good for now as far as security goes.  Security for crypto is fair at best.  Traceable and trackable. 

Let's consider the worse case scenario you lost your password keys and or your crypto wallet, your crypto is possibly lost permanently.  Accessing cryptocurrency also involves internet and power grid for transactions.  Buying or selling becomes difficult should the unthinkable occurs with the grid and internet down from malicious actors.

Invest in the stock market?  Yes, that is a possibility.  The saying goes "go in when there is blood in the streets" meaning when markets fall and stock prices are cheap that is the time to buy.  A person would need to have a level of experience and or education to invest in the markets in these times.   

Real physical assets are the key. 

Have you considered purchasing gold and silver as a tangible asset to ditch your fiat currency holdings for protection of loss of value should your currency loses value or suffers rapid decline?  Let's explain briefly fiat currency.

Fiat Currency

"Fiat currency is a government issued currency that is not backed by a commodity such as gold or silver.  Usually declared by decree from the government as legal tender."  The United States Dollar was backed by gold until the 1970s under President Nixon took the USA off the gold standard.  

This act basically left the USD backed by promises of the government that the currency is sound and not by gold. Shortly after this act, the US saw inflation along with economic downturns.  Now these economic downturns can be predicted to hit by chart graphs to occur nearly every 10 years. 

Events are unfolding rapidly that the USD may not remain the world's currency.  What will that do to the value of the US dollar?  

Do you trust your dollars or foreign currencies to hold their value?

Real physical assets are the key. 

Gold and silver can be purchased and sold very easily.  Gold, silver, and collectables can be saved for a rainy day. A good way to save for the long term or use in case of unexpected expenses, or worse case scenarios. these coins can be held as a form of a savings account that can easily be added to anytime.

Does not take a huge amount of money to start purchasing valuable coins for savings and a hedge against inflation. Gold and silver prices do fluctuate, but the trend is up in price. Even the purchase of 1 silver coin a month can add up over time. Never to late to start. 

 Most people don't know how to purchase gold and silver.  There are plenty of reputable online sites to purchase from. Your metals are delivered straight to your door signature required. There are gold and silver stores, some jewelry stores, and pawn shops that resell these precious metals.

'What if I can show you a way to not only buy gold and silver, but also have a side hustle that could turn into a full time income with precious metals while adding to your gold and silver collection? 

A place to connect with like minded people, make learn and earn certifications for free on buyers certification and collectors certifications so that you know what to look for in coins in the market. Knowledge is always good. Member direct pricing is included to purchase coins. 

Mentorship is a phone call away so you won't be in business alone.  Our goal is to help everyone that wants to go to another level which includes personal growth and development (no cost).  Social relationships are important in life and business so get ready to make new friends that have goals and can help you stay focused. Get social and go social selling. 

If you are interested in learning more about how you can start a part time business, reach out with a good contact number.  Email:  sucesswithbria@gmail.com 

Here is some additional information from Robert and Kim Kiyosaki on the Rich Dad Channel on Youtube.  Their special guest on the show is Rick Rule a seasoned investor in the markets.  Here is the interview that is a good listen for the strong case of precious metals investments.  The information you gather by doing your own research, the better decisions you can make for yourself and your family.

This promotion is a business opportunity in a network marketing company. Purchase of membership is not necessary if you just want to buy gold, silver, or collectibles.  

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