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Posted 05/14/2022 in Category 1 by Feng shui your way

Lucky Bamboo and numbers of stalks

Lucky Bamboo and numbers of stalks

You may wonder if the Bamboo plant related to the 5 elements?

The answer is “YES”. The lucky bamboo is related to the 5 elements on which feng shui is based upon.

Here’s how:

Wood: The bamboo plant symbolizes wood element.

Water: We need to timely fill the vase with water, hence water element is embodied.

Earth: Rock, pebbles, clay stones in the vase represent the Earth element.

Fire: There’s always a red ribbon tied to the vase or plant itself. Red represents fire.

Metal: Usually a metal coin is tied with the red ribbon or there’s a metal coin with in the vase; thus metal element is also covered.

With this being said, you should in no way means that you can place the bamboo plant anywhere in your home. There’re some feng shui rules for lucky bamboo placement that we’ve discussed in the next section of this article. So, just read on!

The Best Placement for Feng Shui Bamboo Plant.

Like anything else in feng shui, the placement of lucky bamboo plant is very crucial.  If placed correctly, the lucky bamboo plant can really and I mean it helps attract tons and tons of positive energy in the house.

East: When placed in East, the lucky bamboo plant helps attract awesome health for family members.

South-East (SE): SE is the zone of money & wealth. Hence, a bamboo plant here will help strengthen the finance & bring in more money in to the family. 

Hope you enjoy this article.

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