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Posted 06/26/2022 in Category 1 by Breaico, LLC

Business Health And Your Health

Business Health And Your Health

Why Exercise.

Physical activity and being committed to stay in good physical shape is a must for entrepreneurs that are trying to get their idea to the next stage of development and business owners working hard on their idea to grow into a legacy.  

Let's define what physical shape is.  According to Wikipedia, "physical fitness is a state of health and well being, ability to perform aspects of sports, occupation and daily activities.  Physical fitness is generally achieved through proper nutrition, moderate to vigorous exercise along with rest and recovery time."

Here is why physical fitness for entrepreneurs is so crucial.

Need the ability to have mental sharpness to laser in and focus, multitask, tune into the details while not being distracted.  Requires memory and perception skills.  Using these brain skills can be done without any physical activity, however, exercise heightens these skills.  Exercise relieves pent up stress, frustration, and mental fatigue.  

Increased and improved productivity.  Business owners work longer hours than employees.  Need stamina, endurance, and the energy to work for long periods of time with little rest or sleep to reach a time frame or deadline. Accomplishments must be achieved and often times at the expense of rest, sleep, and exercise. 

Business owners must emulate success, confidence, and be a source of inspiration to others and convey their message effectively.  Leadership skills have to be on full display daily.  

Business owners are people that have to be tough, strong, and flexible to overcome obstacles, barriers, and disadvantages. Must be mentally strong to handle pressure, stress, and take risks.  

More reasons to take an hour or so to work out.

The body becomes more flexible, limber, get better sleep.  The brain gets a rest so that the brain can learn and perform at optimal levels.

Exercise reduces stress, anxiety which allows the mind to prioritize and focus on what is most important.

Increased creativity and concentration.

Boost problem solving ability from increased energy levels.

Here is one of many reasons that there is a strong mind and body connection with nutrition, good clean food, and exercise. 

When a person works out, the heart and lungs works a bit harder to provide oxygen throughout the body including the blood stream. When the body, organs, blood, and the brain gets more oxygen, an amazing thing happens to the brain. The increase in oxygen and blood flow to the brain creates brain angiogenesis. 

Brain angiogenesis is the growth of new blood vessels in the brain. 

 "Research has shown that higher levels of blood and oxygen in the brain leads to improved cognition.  "These new blood vessels in the brain helps in the decision making and reasoning areas of the brain called the prefrontal cortex."

As an entrepreneur, you have great decision making skills and will continue to learn as well as refine your gifts.  Why not amp up your skills with a work out with a minimum of two to three days a week?

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