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Affiliate Disclosure

We want to be transparent with you and provide full disclosure. 

Breaie.com contains affiliate links.  This means that when you click on some of the links on the Breaie website to make a purchase there is no additional cost to you, and Breaie.com may benefit.

Breaie will only review or recommend products or services that I truly believe in their product, I'm currently using their product, or I would without hesitation if asked recommend to friends and family. 

We strive to provide value here.

The mission of this website is to provide business owners  more online exposure and with many more benefits. We are passionate about helping businesses of all sizes. 

We are a for profit website.

Small businesses are the backbone of economies in each country at the local level.  Medium and large corporations are equally important and welcome here  as well.  

Breaie.com is a small female owned business. 

Our business members on the paid plans also contribute content here.  Some of those businesses' articles may contain affiliate links. We assume no responsibility should you click their links and are redirected to another website.  Assume that business may be compensated should you make a purchase.  

We strive to provide useful information.  Some of this information or blog articles may include links to products or services that you will find valuable and useful. When you click on these links to make a purchase, go ahead and assume we may receive compensation.  

We appreciate you support of our site by reading our blogs, leaving our members reviews, researching companies listed here for your consumer needs, and your financial support of our site.

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