One Way To Boost Your Immune System Probiotics

By: Breaie

Fall is upon and and we are nearing the cold and flu season now.  I wanted to educate people on how to enhance their immune system so that they could go through this time of year and decrease their chances of getting ill. There numerous ways to boost your immune system.  Most people are unaware that they can boost their immune system through your digestive tract.

Your digestive tract is connected to your health because studies show that 60% to 80% of your entire immune system is located in your digestive tract. In order to stay healthy, everyone needs to know what are the elements for good digestive health.

Probiotics are living organisms in your body.  Probiotics contain good bacteria that your digestive tract needs.   Your gut has friendly and bad bacteria as well yeasts that normally live in your stomach.  We often think of bacteria as mostly causing disease and illnesses.  However, not all bacteria are bad for you.  The human body is full of both good and bad bacteria internally as well as externally.

Your gut can become unbalanced and your stomach becomes a breeding ground for bad bacteria and yeasts.  If your gut flora gets out of whack, the condition is called dysbiosis.  Meaning that there is an imbalance of too much bad bacteria.

The many toxins we are exposed to daily decreases our digestive functions by lowering our ability to absorb nutrients, creates inflammation in the body, as well as other chronic conditions.

Examples of some of what can throw out your gut flora balance:

Tap water that contains fluoride and chlorine



High carbohydrate diets

Eating a diet high in refined sugar


Some of the lack of probiotics side effects include:

Digestive issues

Skin issues


Autoimmune disease

Frequent colds and flu

Probiotics contain helpful or friendly bacteria that keeps your gut flora healthy.  Doctors often recommend probiotics to their patients who have intestinal upset such as diarrhea from taking antibiotics. Antibiotics creates an intestinal upset because the medicine destroys all of the friendly gut flora in your intestines.  Some people experience no side effects from taking antibiotics and are able to get their gut flora back to normal while other people experience additional issues sometimes lasting weeks or longer. Probiotics helps to keep a healthy balance of friendly and bad bacterial levels in your stomach equal so your body can work like it should.

The secret to having good digestive health is to balance out the friendly and unfriendly bacteria in your stomach.  To do this effectively, everyone needs to consider consuming probiotic rich foods and supplements on a daily basis.

Probiotics are not something new that was recently created or a passing trend.  History shows us that all cultures consumed probiotics that are found in fermented and cultured foods. Some examples of these foods are: fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut, kimchi, natto, and miso. Apple cider vinegar, goat’s milk, yogurt, raw cheese, and kefir are more foods that contain probiotics.

Consuming probiotic rich foods and a high quality probiotic supplement can naturally feed the probiotics in your system to keep you health and feeling your best.

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Post Author: Breaie