Mother Nature Has A Way Of Putting Everything In Perspective

By: Breaie

We have seen in the news in the last few days the devastation done to the South-Eastern part of Texas from hurricane Harvey.  Now we have witnessed the destructive force of hurricane Irma in Florida and Georgia.  There is another hurricane Jose hanging around out in the Atlantic that could decide to go towards the Southern part of the USA.

I like I’m sure many of you have friends, family, or business associates that are affected by these storms. These storms have a way of making me think about the blessings I have in my life because life is fragile and can be taken away suddenly.  I’m sure as you witnessed the footage of the storm, read the news online, and listened to the forecasts of the storm you had similar thoughts as well not only for yourself, but others close to you.

I was forced to consider the possibility of losing my Mom to hurricane Irma. Her loss in my life would be huge. My Mom of 84 years of age who lives in a coastal area is a prime example of a strong woman.  She would rather stay and defend her home than follow mandatory evacuation orders to leave the area to avoid a hurricane.  There are many more out there just like her. They are self-reliant and are willing to face huge risks to be able to take care of what they have.  She knows if she leaves, odds are high that if the damage is huge, she may not be allowed to return to see the destruction of her home for weeks or months.  Georgia is not like Texas.  Texans in ugly situations everyone helps everyone else as seen on the news. By leaving, she would not be able to fend off the looters and whatever is left of her stuff will be rummaged through and stolen. Who only knows what else could possibly happen after a storm like that there.

She stands on her faith that God has her back and that she would be ok whatever the outcome maybe. Luckily, Irma slowed down to a category 2 or so hurricane and she was spared a lot of the intense storm. She did withstand the hurricane with only broken tree limbs and lots of leaves on the ground.   Others in the area had worse damage from the winds.  She taught me a lesson on many levels about life and thinking positive. She stood by her decision knowing the odds and would not budge on her decision.  How many of you would have done the same?


The picture I have no clue who to give credit to for the creation. I don’t take any credit for the quote on the picture.  I did find that the saying fit this story of my Mother whom I am very proud of.

Post Author: Breaie