Censorship No More. We Have DTube

By: Breaie

Steemit has come up with a way to create a block chain solution to the ever increasing youtube censorship.  Dtube is the answer. The platform is a new database technology using STEEM.  My understanding is this video platform can’t be censored was created by Adrian M.

No longer will video creators have to give up large amounts of their adsense income to places like youtube or risk losing their ability to have adsense on their videos because of their video’s content maybe “controversial” depending on someone’s opinion.

This new platform has massive long term potential. Another great feature is video content creators can now get paid in cryptocurrency by earning rewards from your video uploads to dtube.

Breaie now has a dtube channel and should be uploading content very soon.  https://dtube.video/c/breaie

Breaie can be found on Steemit.  https://steemit/@breaie

Here is the link to https://dtube.video

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Post Author: Breaie