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You have now decided to go entrepreneurial on the web and learn how to create your own website.  Even if you have not reached a final decision, this article will help add more information to your research notes to assist you. Starting a website is a great way to learn a new skill for the coming “robot takeover” of a large segment of the job market and can be the basis for a lot of other options to make money online. One way is to have your own website hosted on the internet.

Before you get hosting, you will need your own domain name.  You can search for the domain to purchase from the hosting provider I recommend or go to numerous other options on the web to get your domain name. Prices vary all across the board depending on who you purchase from.

As you know, I recommend


One of the many reasons I recommend this company is because I’ve used other hosting providers and I discovered very quickly that their customer service is awful.  One in particular company would be great in the beginning and as I developed my site and used their services, I had to call in for tech support.  Their tech support was in the business of up sells on every product they provided. One example is when I purchased their SSL certificate for install on my website.  SSL is secure socket layer certificate to ensure I was in compliance for online security. SSL is a secure encryped communications between website and the browser.  Too decrease the chances of data capture for a hacker.

I wasted an entire day trying to install the SSL and could not, so I phoned in for help.  I was told that tech support is now pay per use.  I would need to pay $100.00 USD for them to help me install the SSL certificate that I had paid over $300.00 usd for.  I was angry. I started looking around as well as calling up friends who have websites.  They all recommended A2hosting.  They provide free SSL certificates which is great.

The majority of  hosting providers provide basic WordPress software that offers themes which are free with the install that is provided by WordPress.  All you have to do is chose a free theme.  These themes offered for free from WordPress offer basic functionality, not unique, with limited support.

There are also premium themes available for purchase that provide many more features and options.

There are also a lot of theme providers that offer free themes that look great, very functional, responsive, and easy to use that have a massive wow factor.  Oh yes, I did say free themes.

Theme Isle offers great free themes for WordPress developers.  Their themes are by far the most functional, many options with a lot of features.  Ease of use is a huge plus.  Learning the theme is quick.

When you sign up to get their free themes, they also provide documentation on how to set up their themes as well as training videos to walk a beginner through the whole process.

Support is done via email which can be slow, but they do respond.

They also offer a number of  themes that you can purchase that offer more features than the free versions.  The free versions allow you to test the theme out while you grow and expand your web presence and then move up to the paid theme.  Some of you may want to go straight for the paid themes.

How do you decide which theme is right for you?   There are themes that that can be downloaded from the theme provider’s website or their presence on  The reputable theme providers will have a presence there should anyone need any type of support or ask questions.  The theme providers also offer these same options on their sites for assistance.

Downloading your theme from a free theme provider or paid is easy. This suggestion is for downloading zipped theme files to install in your WordPress admin panel for activation.  Once you have your theme picked out, you would download the theme from your WordPress control panel inside of your admin. panel.  You would go to appearances, click on themes. Once in themes, there is a tab on the upper left top of the page that you can click to install a new theme. This works the same for free or paid themes.







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