Got A Bot On Your Butt? Entrepreneur Time


Many people are accidental entrepreneurs out of necessity or they stumbled into being their own boss by experimenting with an idea with no thought of that idea becoming a money maker. For example, a friend of mine made delicious barbecue and everyone loved his BBQ. They loved his BBQ so much that friends would often ask him to make the smoked meats for them. He realized that he had something that people liked. He did not have enough time to cook often for all of the requests he was getting from his friends wanting him to make the BBQ for him, so he came up with a price for his BBQ thinking that no one would pay him for his time shopping, cooking, and preparing the BBQ. He was shocked and overjoyed when his friends were willing to pay for the food that he would prepare at their request. His side business became so popular and profitable that he quit his job to go all into the BBQ business. He already had many people who loved his food so raising capital to open a location was easy. He is a classic case of being an accidental entrepreneur.

Not many people are as lucky as my friend with the BBQ business. Many people are forced into creating their own economic reality because of the pain of lack of income and inability to find full-time job or they are underemployed. This group comes up with an idea to generate money that they turn into a business. There again, this group can be considered an accidental entrepreneur as well because their original intent was to seek employment and not be self-employed with all of the risks involved of being your own boss.

In a previous article, I have written about entrepreneurship being on the decline with the data to back up that statement. However, because automation is decreasing the need for employees which we are seeing the beginning stages of this take over in place now by automation. Robots are according to the news are going to take over the majority of the jobs in every industry and sector. As time goes by, more jobs will be lost. Entrepreneurship may be the way to start a new revenue stream while you are currently employed and possibly turn into full time income for you and your family at some point in the future.

Many people worldwide are going to have to increase their skill levels, get creative, and start some sort of business or a side hustle to try to generate income. The skills learned from taking action and trying to create another source of potential income for yourself will help you in the years to come as artificial intelligence begins to aggressively take over the job market and all of our lives.

Some examples of ideas to consider for online ventures are:

Write an ebook
Start a blog with affiliate marketing. (FYI. There are bots that are now capable of creating news articles and can blog, as well as communicate with you online. )
Create your own youtube videos.
Pick a product(s) and learn how to sell on the major online platforms.
Know a crafty skill? Make that item and sell it online.
Learn new skills.

Here is another example of an accidental entrepreneur to give you ideas of what you can potentially do online. I have a friend who knows a guy in Dallas TX area that started riding his motorcycle around the city and was taking videos on his phone of what he saw while traveling the city on his motor bike. He started a youtube channel and uploaded his videos not really expecting anything to happen. He wanted to learn how to use his camera and make videos as a hobby as well as make some memories on his motorcycle roll around in the city.
His videos turned out to be a hit with people online. He now has a camcorder on his helmet and he drives all over the USA doing videos of his travels and uploads his videos to his youtube channel. He’s got a huge following, makes some money from adsense on his videos, and he is now selling his branded merchandise on his site. Believe it or not he makes enough money to go full time on this venture.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new ideas, learn new skills, or just step outside of your comfort zone. Success does not happen overnight, but success does go to those that continue to put forth effort.

Blessings Ya’ll.


Post Author: Breaie