Star Trek Fantasy Is Quickly Becoming A Reality.

Be on the lookout for the tricorder from Star Trek soon.

Photo with big check: Final Frontier Medical devices.
Photo Courtsey of XPRIZE

Any Trekkies out there recall “Bones” the doctor on the original Star Trek series who used a hand-held device Gene Roddenberry named a Tricorder? This Tricorder allowed Dr. McCoy on the Starship Enterprise to get accurate diagnostic reports on everything about his patients’ health/medical condition. That gadget is now the latest technology in the works to come out soon.

The latest tech gadget is in prototype phase now thanks to the Tricorder XPrize funding. 2 companies beat out many other competitors and secured their first round of funding from Tricorder XPrize for their Star Trek like Tricorders.

Final Frontier Medical Devices was awarded $2.6 million USD. The second-place winner Dynamical Biomarkers Group received $ 1 million dollars USD. These companies have developed Tricorder like devices that are reported to be able to diagnosis 13 different medical conditions.

Final Frontier Medical Devices comprises of 2 brothers from USA. A Doctor and an Engineer who have named their new creation DxtER. Their device is stated as being able to pull together data from the patient’s personal and family medical history, physical exam, and multiple sensors that can make a quick accurate medical assessment.

Dynamical Biomarkers Group named their protoype DeepQKit created by a team of Doctors, Scientists, and Engineers from Taiwan and the USA. Their device is stated to incorporate innovative technologies for artificial intelligence, physiologic signal analysis, image processing, and biomarker detection in a user friendly process.

For the consumer, this could mean that you can use these medical devices to conduct a minimum invasive self-diagnosis at home.  As Spock would say “Live Long and Prosper”.

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