American WiFi Connections Have Been Compromised

A friend of mine’s router gained the attention of a hacker here recently, She had to take the time to educate herself on router security to put a stop at these attempts to get in. She read online that one way to ensure higher levels of online security was to go get another router which was confirmed by her ISP.

After listening to her experience, I decided I needed to go online and get more information on routers and exactly what they do. Most people are not tech savvy at this level and think that their ISP provider is protecting them and there is nothing more they need to do for internet security. This is not the case. I learned that every user of the web has to be proactive to ensure their privacy as well security online.

As I continued to do some search on how often hacking a router occurs through this technique and how to prevent any issues that could affect me, I stumbled on this video interview conducted by RT a Russian news site that has offices here in the USA.

The information released is a major eye opener. We have all heard the stories that our government is spying on us.  The latest Wikileaks Vault 7  information release shows the possible links (I should also mention alleged) the CIA’s “Cherry Blossom” project that uses wireless devices to monitor activity of users of the internet.

In this video, this business owner John McAfee a cyber security expert makes the case that yes our privacy is being invaded. His company is also developing the solution to return a level of privacy back to the internet user.

As always, please do your own research to understand all of the facts before making an informed decision.

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