Hit The Reset Button


Are suffering from routine grind?

Do you go to work daily and look at the same computer screen and see the same people from 9 to 5 at your day job? Is your routine of going to get your lunch at the same location near your job?  Do you frequently have  coffee at the familiar coffee shop where everyone knows your name?  You could be in a rut.

Are you experiencing life transitions?

Life event(s) have occurred recently in your life such as you are between jobs, schools, kids, relationships, death, or divorce.   An emotional upheaval of sorts where you need time to sort all of the issues out.  You should consider hitting the reset button. Hit the reset button on your life and be bold go take a trip. Travel and see exotic locations to help you transition into the next phase of your life.  The time away will give you a fresh perspective of your wants and needs. You can ponder where you have been in the past and what you want from your life now moving forward.

Everyone should get out and go see the rest of the world.  Our planet has a lot of places and sites to see.  Travel is enlightening and changes your perspective.  Traveling is a way to experience new cultures, foods, new people (make friends), and languages. Get out of your comfort zone. Try new adventures that you normally would not do back home.  Your chosen destination could be a place that you would like to spend some time volunteering or working for an extended period.

Travel is an educational experience about subjects that are taught in school, but from a real world learning experience.  Reading about a subject such as economics, politics, history, finance, law, sociology, and geography expose you to an intense curriculum that stays with you longer than the time in the classroom reading the material.

I speak from experience because I hit the reset button on my life recently.

I had the offer of visiting Hawaii extended to me by a long time friend that is stationed there. Possibly his last duty station before he retires from the military.  At first I was afraid, but as I thought about the idea I became excited about the travel adventure. I felt that I was in a rut and was feeling like a  life event was not progressing the way I wanted, and I was uncertain as to what to do about the situation, so a get way sounded like what I needed. A chance to get just break away from my routine and take a break. I was also hoping to gain a fresh perspective on my on my situation.

I left Dallas TX and I took a month of working vacation to stay on my friend’s boat in the marina in Honolulu Hawaii in December while everyone else was preparing for Christmas and the new year, and the winter weather was coming on strong.  I was wearing shorts in great sunny 80 degree weather with the daily shower bursts that never seem to leave any humidity behind. I enjoyed a Hawaiian Christmas Luau in Waikiki Beach.  I had plenty of time to see lots of pretty places, sampled new foods, and met the friendly locals. I discovered that Hawaii has almost daily fantastic huge rainbows that pop up out of nowhere.  During my time there, I got to visit the entire island.

I had the opportunity to get up very early in the morning to make Hawaiian coffee and sit on the upper part of the boat and watch the sunrise.  I got to experience what it’s like to live in Hawaii for a month as well as live on a boat in a marina there.  I met numerous people who had sailed around the world in their boats that decided to dock in the marina for the winter on their boats. They had great stories to tell over drinks. Few people get to  have a life experience such as this.

Where ever you decide to go, you will come back a different person with stories to tell and pictures of your precious travel memories to share.



Post Author: Breaie