Traveling? Check Out This App.

Google has created a free trip app. called Google Trips that makes traveling much easier.  Google’s trip planner and travel guide can assist with creating a plan for sightseeing and makes recommendations of what to do and see in your chosen destination spot.  Use the app. to plan your site seeing, what restaurants you would like to dine in, and everything else you want to do and see prior to arriving at your chosen destination spots.  Your walking or traveling route can be accessed with ease and mapped out for you.

The best part about pre-planning your trip is that should you be without WiFi the app works where ever you are so that you won’t be hit with the cost of international data charges.  The app even organizes your reservations and confirmations should you need to access that information saving you valuable time searching through your emails, having to carry paper documents, or searching through your phone’s pictures for your travel information.

This app takes a lot of pressure and stress off the traveler and provides more time to relax and enjoy their trip anywhere in the world.


There are competing apps on the market, but my research indicates that Google Trips is the only free app currently.  Happy safe travels.


Post Author: Breaie