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In order for me to keep this site going and provide ya’ll great content, I promote providers that I’ve had or currently do business with as a customer. I may  add other retailers that I research thoroughly.  If the retailers pass the research test, I have to feel comfortable using their products and services personally now or in the future. I also must be willing to recommend to friends and family, before I feel secure enough to promote the retailers on  to our reader audience.

I wanted to let you know there are additional information and disclosures on the tab that contain the words privacy and affiliate disclosure located on the upper top right of the page and on the bottom of the pages as well for you to review at your leisure. Here is the link:

I wanted to share that I use A2 hosting to host this site. Here is why I recommend A2 Hosting with out getting technical.  I’m not a techie for sure and I don’t want to give you the wrong information.  Here is my experience with them.

A2 Hosting has phenomenal gurus that know their  hosting IT industry. This means that they provide excellent customer service/technical support. Their hosting plans offer many perks that I am impressed with. One example is that A2 provides SSL certificates for no additional fee provided by

For anyone who does not know what an SSL certificate is, I’ll explain. SSL stands for secure sockets layer. This is an industry standard technology.  A way to encrypt a link between a web server and a browser. Think of it this way you are surfing on the net and you land on a site.  Your browser is communicating with that hosting company’s server.  To keep all information secure and private between the web server and your browser, the SSL certificate encrypts the data that is passing back and forth between them.  An added layer of web security.

The Letsencrypt team is a nonprofit internet research group that  believes that everyone should have access to zero cost digital security certificates. They believe that by allowing everyone access to free SSL certificates they can contribute to a more privacy respecting internet.  Let’s not forget that Google has mandated that everyone get a certificate or get bumped down in the web rankings online.

Here is what they are about from their website ” Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by the non-profit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). ”  This is a noble undertaking to make available SSL certificates to everyone for no charge.

Since you are reading my articles about becoming an entrepreneur, you may be considering setting up a website for your business idea.  Let’s face it all businesses now need a website to be competitive.  Maybe you already have a hosted website up on the internet and you are not happy  your current host.  You maybe in the initial stages of doing your research to see what hosting companies to choose from to host your own website.  Research is key to making the right informed decisions for you.

A2 hosting others many other perks for hosting with them that beat out their competitors. Another example is Cloudfare for an extra layer of security for your website.  Don’t take my word for it, please do your own research.

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